The transition from Trey Lance to Jimmy Garoppolo was not difficult for the San Francisco 49ers. His teammates are familiar with Garoppolo, who has been the Niners quarterback since the last set of matches in the 2017 season.

Garoppolo returned this season in a backup role. However, Lance’s injury at the end of the season (coach Kyle Shanahan confirmed today that it was indeed the end of the season) prompted the veteran quarterback to return to the starting line-up.

A reporter asked one player from Team 49 about the move from Lance to Garoppolo.

“I just want to start with I don’t want to underestimate how we feel about Trey,” defender Kyle Goszyk said in the locker room before Wednesday’s training. “That was our guy. We wish he was still here doing his job, but it was a good transfer. Granted, it’s been like two days, so from what we’ve been through so far, it’s been really good and smooth. I mean, Jimmy has been a quarterback here. That’s like his year.” Sixth, so you expect him to be familiar and know what we’re doing.”

When the players learned that Garoppolo would be returning for another season, some were shocked. After all, everyone assumed that the midfielder would play elsewhere in 2022. Garoppolo didn’t train with the team, didn’t attend meetings, and didn’t have the playbook on his hands until after the 49th pre-season game.

Players did not understand how Garoppolo’s return was possible. But when Shanahan made the plan, everyone was on board. The quarterback is a locker room favorite, after all.

Garoppolo joined his teammates on the training ground for the first time on September 1 – as QB2. For some it was strange.

“It was definitely different to see him in that backup role, in the beginning,” Juszczyk said. “But even then, I still remember the first practice that he had come back here; I immediately noticed Jimmy, just being there and commanding him. And that thing, now that he was back to being a starter, flipped again.”

On Sunday night, Garoppolo will lead Team 49ers to Empower Field at Mile High for their Week 3 match against Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos.