What does Justin Heron’s Trade of the Invaders mean to the Patriots

With more than a month left until the NFL trade deadline, the New England Patriots have made a move. According to several reports, they exchanged Justin Heron’s third year offensive tackle on the Las Vegas Raiders for a draft exchange in 2024.

What exactly does the deal mean from a Patriot’s perspective? Let’s take a closer look at it to find out.

The attack processing depth chart has been reduced to four…ish: Heron entered training camp where attacking No. 3 interfered behind starters Trent Brown and Isaiah Wayne, but eventually fell back to fourth in depth. He was jumped by a fourth-year man, Yodney Cajost. With Cajuste now tackling the swing and back-up base, and with former Patriot Marcus Cannon back across the coaching staff, the team appears to feel confident trading Herron.

As a result, New England now has four pure offensive tackles on the payroll: Brown, Wayne and Kagust on the 53-man roster, while Cannon is on the coaching staff. However, their depth of overtime extends well beyond those four as key right keeper Michael Onweno also has plenty of experience in the right tackle position.

The draft category for 2020 drops to four: The Patriots selected 10 players in the 2020 NFL Draft, but only four of them remained with the team after the Heron trade. Kyle Duger (2-37) and Josh O’Shea (2-60) are still the second-round pick in New England, as are third-placed Anvernee Jennings (3-87) and the aforementioned Michael Onweno, the sixth-round pick that year (6-182). .

Meanwhile, Herron has now joined a group of six players from this draft class no longer with the team. Round three Devin Asiasi (3-91) and Dalton Keene (3-101) launched earlier this year, while Justin Rohrwasser (5-159), Cassh Maluia (6-204) and Dustin Woodard (6 -230) He already left the team a while ago.

New England slightly increases Project Capital for 2024: By the stated terms of trade, the Patriots sent Heron and a select group of the seventh round in 2024 to the Raiders in exchange for a sixth Raider that same year. Of course, the 2023 season will determine where those picks will eventually end, but the bottom line is that New England has a few points on the draft value chart.

Incidentally, Heron’s trade wasn’t the first to change the Patriots’ picks in 2024. They actually added another seventh as part of the trade that sent N’Keal Harry to the Chicago Bears.

The Patriots are creating a salary cap space, for now: Naturally, moving a player off the team creates some maximum salary space. In Heron’s case, that number is $795,555 – his remaining unsecured base salary is still in his bargain. Likewise, his remaining $86,234 bonus will remain on New England books max: half of it will make it to 2022 books, and the other half on 2023 payroll.

However, the Patriots’ roof savings won’t last long. The expectation is that defensive tackle Daniel Iquale, who was suspended in the first two weeks of the season, will fill his open place in the squad.

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