Ranking NFL teams 0-2 by their chances of continuing the playoffs

Post-season games are the funnest aspect of the sport. The beauty of the NFL is that these high stakes matches play their part very early in the season.

Since 1970, only 9.5% of NFL teams have made the playoffs after the season started 0-2. For teams that lost both games during the first two weeks of the season, every game from now on matters as much as the hopes of the playoff are concerned. Reaching 10 wins is the safest way to go through the playoffs, which becomes a much more difficult task after losing matches to start the season.

However, all is not lost. 9.5% is much higher than nothing! Five teams started the season without a win. Here they are, ranked by their chances of making the playoffs.

The Bengals were an obvious candidate for relegation this season. They lived off the big plays last season and made their way to the Super Bowl with solid defensive play, moments of attack and special teams. While their expectation of a repeat of the final two months of the Super Bowl may be unrealistic, the Bengals have played Many Worse than anyone expected during the first two games of the season.

The Cincinnati offensive line was a big problem, as it was completely eviscerated by Micah Parsons and the Cowboys during their second week loss. This was not what the Bengals were hoping for with the investments they made up front during the holiday season. La’el Collins had a rough start to the season, but to be fair, he’s faced off with Parsons and TJ Watt in consecutive weeks – arguably the best forwards in the league.

The Bengals may not repeat their Super Bowl streak last season, but they’re also the best bet to bounce back among all the NFL teams that started 0-2. (Jerome Meron-USA Today Sports)

He doesn’t give an eye test for the Bengals, but statistically speaking, they got off to a very poor start in attack. The Bengals are 30 in yards per game (4.3), 31 in adjusted net yards per try (3.4), 30 in success rate (38.6%) and 23 in expected points added per game (-0.097). They also let a sack on 12.7% of dropouts and have five quits per season. They were just struggling to play off the ground during this opening slump.

Fortunately, the Bengals have more than enough talent to be one of the rare 0-2 teams to make their way to the playoffs after a slow start. Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase, Joe Mixon, Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd are all capable of tearing through defenses and scoring goals in groups. It’s highly unlikely that Bengals’ offense will continue to play out so badly, but the offensive line is once again a concern. Collins wasn’t the player who was in the prime of his time with the Cowboys and the rest of the streak struggled as well.

The Bengals’ talent could bring them back to the playoffs and they have been given their blessing by being only one match behind the rest of North Asia at the moment. If any of these teams have the power to flare up and win enough games to get out of this hole, this is it.

The Raiders started the season 0-2, but like the Bengals, they have a knack for getting themselves out of this initial predicament. It’s a bit irresponsible to write off a crime involving Davante Adams, Darren Waller and Hunter Renfrew. Derek Carr is a quarterback good enough to effectively guide the ball to these players, and the Raiders would sit at 1-1 if they could make one tackle on Kyler Murray.

If anything, the early tale of the Las Vegas season shows two things. First, the NFL can be really fickle. The invaders are now facing an uphill battle for the qualification because they allowed it Murray ran 84.9 yards in a two-point conversion. Second, it shows how close talent teams are to each other. The Raiders played a tough Los Angeles Chargers game in the first week of the season before losing to the Cardinals in overtime. If a bounce happened here or there in a different way, the Conqueror would be a strong center for the playoffs.

Of course, their biggest obstacle is the degree to which they play. They still have a couple of games against Patrick Mahomes and have yet to play Russell Wilson and the Broncos (which seems less challenging than they did a few months ago). These are the tournaments that the Conquerors must win in West Asia after losing their first two games of the season. It’s possible, but starting the season playing catch-up against Mahomes, Wilson and Justin Herbert isn’t an enviable position.

Tennessee Titans

The Titans sailed off-season like a team that needs to retool their roster for long-term success, and they look like this to start the season. After a close loss to the New York Giants in the opening game, they were attacked by the Bills on Monday night, leading to rookie Malik Willis to replace rookie Ryan Tanehill in the fourth quarter.

Less than a calendar year after being ranked number one in the AFC, the Titans have found themselves with plenty of questions. Will Derek Henry find success behind a hard line offensive? Can Tanehill regain the magic he possessed when he took on the first mission? Will Tennessee’s defense be strengthened after being burned in Buffalo?

Mike Frapel is a good head coach and the Titans have a recent history of continued success – a return to the knockout race is out of the question. The biggest help for them is to divide them. The Indianapolis Colts look like the worst team in the NFL while the Houston Texans aren’t far behind. The Titans turned their view from the short term to the long term with an off season, but they still had a good chance of making the playoffs.

Things haven't clicked yet for Baker Mayfield and Carolina Panthers.  (Winslow Townson/AP photos for Panini)

Things haven’t clicked yet for Baker Mayfield and Carolina Panthers. (Winslow Townson/AP photos for Panini)

Carolina Panthers

Baker Mayfield hasn’t yet had the answer to the Panthers, which is shocking enough. Mayfield ranks 32 on QBR’s ESPN with a score of 23.7 (out of 100). The Carolina offense had some productive moments in the second half of their first week loss against Brown, but they have mostly faltered and struggled to get off the ground this season.

The Panthers have a framework for a team that can make it to the playoffs, but they are not consistent enough as that seems a reasonable possibility. However, the outlook is not entirely negative. They have playmakers on both sides of the ball, but Mayfield’s combination of what appears to be Matt Rhule’s lame duck coach wasn’t enough to get the Panthers across the finish line in their matches.

The fate of their season will be decided over the next month, with tough games against the New Orleans Saints, San Francisco 49ers, Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles Rams. Good luck, Rollie and Mayfield, the legacies are on the line in a very short period of time.

Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta has been more competitive this season than expected, but this team is still far from the competition. Neither side of the ball was consistent and Marcus Mariota was the roller coaster in the middle. Drake London, wide receiver for beginners, was excellent to start the season, but the Falcons didn’t get nearly enough production from Kyle Pitts.

Attack Hawks might get hot if they figure out a way to incorporate their incredibly talented tight end into a scrolling game, but for now they’re still a bit unrelated. The Falcons have flashy talent on both sides of the ball, but depth issues will prevent this team from really competing and stacking up the enough winnings needed to get back into the playoffs.

Atlanta may actually be rowdy enough to piss off a much better team down the road, but for now, the playoffs are an extension of what this team should hope to achieve.

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