List of giants: assessing the position of objects after a series of movements

Your head spins trying to keep up with the roster moves that New York Giants GM Joe Schoen has made over the past couple of days. I totally lost track of who, and who isn’t, on the 53-man squad roster. Let us help you. Here’s a look at the current 53-man roster and coaching staff, plus injured reserves, PUP rosters, and some updated thoughts on how things are.

General Manager Joe Shuen speaks to the media around 11 a.m. Thursday.

Quarterback (2)

beginning: Daniel Jones
to support: Tyrod Taylor
Training squad: Davis Webb

Webb cleared the waivers and came back, probably making everyone happy. Looking back, it should come as no surprise that it went unclaimed. He still hasn’t thrown a regular season pass in five NFL seasons, and teams outside of New York and Buffalo may not have been convinced he could be as successful apart from Brian Dabol.

running backwards (4)

beginning: I will be Barclay
Backups: Matt Breda, Antonio Williams, Gary Brightwell
Training squad: Jashawn Corbin

I’m still mad at myself for not choosing Brightwell to beat Corbin in the last 53 players list. There are narratives when it comes to the roster, and I think the story here is that Brightwell was revealed as a return in the final before the start of the season.

In any case, the Giants will likely be pleased that Corbyn has authorized the concessions. He’s an interesting young player who provides depth in the center.

narrow end (3)

beginning: Daniel Bellinger
Backups: Chris Mayrick, Tanner Hudson
Training squad: Austin Allen
Injured reserve: Andre Miller (end of season), Ricky Sells Jones (end of season)

The Giants did some gymnastics on the list on Wednesday. Hudson was among four veterans waived upon filing waivers claims. The Giants had to do this because NFL rules dictated that waiver claims be granted at noon, but players could be placed on IR until 4pm, so Hudson was back. It still looks like the Giants will have to look for potential upgrades here.

wide future (7)

Appetizers: Kenny Goladay, Andell Robinson, Tony Cadarius
Backups: Sterling Shepherd, David Sales, Ritchie James, Darius Slayton
Training squad: CJ Board, Gaylon Moore
Injured reserve: Colin Johnson (end of the season)

Yes, Slayton is still a giant. Yes, I still don’t think it will be a giant when the team opens the season on September 11th against the Tennessee Titans.

In All Over the Cap, the Giants are the worst in the league with $5.205 million above the maximum salary of $208.2 million. They should be under that limit by next Tuesday, September 6. If you want Slayton on the regular season list, I won’t be partying until then.

Trading or cutting Slayton will save $2.54 million on the giants. It won’t get them to where they need to be – they’ll almost have to restructure a decade or two – but it still feels like a step they’ll have to make. Even if that makes the list less talented.

offensive line (8)

Appetizers: Andrew Thomas (LT), DeVere Hamilton (LG), John Feliciano (C), Mark Glowinsky (RG), Evan Neal (RT)
Backups: Joshua Izudo, Ben Bradison, Jack Anderson
Training squad: Max Garcia, Will Holden, Garrett McGinn, Roy Mbitka
Injured reserve: Shane Lemieux, Marcus McKitthan (season end)
Puppy: Nick Gates, Matt Burt

The machinations of the roster giants left with a man of a less offensive line than he had on the original 53-man roster. Garcia is now on the coaching staff rather than the active roster, and it’s a luxury to have a player he loves (seven seasons, 93 NFL games, 52 starts) there.

Anderson is an interesting player, and it is possible that he might end up being the first week starter in the left guard. BBV’s Chris Pflom wrote on Wednesday that Anderson “has good strength and agility, as well as the versatility to support a center position.”

Anderson was a 2021 seventh-round pick by the Buffalo Bills and played in two games for the Philadelphia Eagles last season. During the pre-season, he played 57 shots in the center, 45 in the right guard and 42 in the left guard for the Eagles. Brandon Lee Gowton of SB Nation’s Eagles website, Bleeding Green Nation, sent this message to Big Blue View on Wednesday after team Anderson claimed:

“Jack Anderson is a quality pickup for the Giants. It made him make the Eagles’ list of 53 men, as did most other writers.”

It now appears that the other Giants option in the left guard is Hamilton. He had a good summer, but he never played in an NFL game.

Daboll has been ambiguous about Lemieux and Ezeudu, both of whom suffered injuries in their first pre-season match.

Of Lemieux, Daboll said: “He’s very resilient. Unfortunately, he’s been through it once, but he’s in good spirits. So, he’s going back to work. He’s already rehabilitated, and he’ll be back as soon as he can.”

About Ezeudu, Daboll only said “it’s getting better”.

defensive line (5)

Appetizers: Leonard Williams, Dexter Lawrence
Backups: Justin Ellis, Nick Williams, DJ Davidson
Training squad: Ryder Anderson

As the Giants clearly expected, the unpolished Anderson cleared the concessions. Bringing him back to the coaching staff gives them an interesting young player to try and form a useful part of their defence.

Edge (5)

Appetizers: Aziz Ogulari, Kevin Tepodox
Backups: Jihad Ward, Ocean Siemens, Tomon Fox
Training squad: Quincy Roche
Injured reserve: Ellison Smith

I was surprised that Roche had liquidated the concessions. He will not be on the coaching team for 17 games. Either the Giants will bring him to 53, or another team will need to uproot him away from New York.

inside back (6)

Appetizers: Blake Martinez, Ty Crowder
Backups: Micah McFadden, Carter Coughlin, Austin Calletro, Cam Brown
Injured reserve: Darian Beavers (season-ending)

Caletro was in, out, and back again.

Cornerback (6)

Appetizers: Adoree’ Jackson, Aaron Robinson, Darnay Holmes
Backups: Cordell Flute, Justin Lynn, Nick McCloud
Training squad: Harrison Hand, Zion Gilbert, Darren Evans
Injured reserve: Rodarius Williams

We learned the Giants popped in looking for a corner assist on the waiver wire, and called on Layne and McCloud to add depth. Layne was a pick for the 2019 third round of the Pittsburgh Steelers who never developed the way the Steelers thought he might.

Here is a draft Scouting Report prior to 2019:

A bullish cornerback of rare size and length who relies on good movement skills to beat his long average speed. Although it plays with track recognition well, it will allow for some breaks in breaks, but is quick to cuddle and close the restriction window. He is not a burner, but he uses his soccer skills to play soccer on the field. Lyn’s traits can make him suitable for a variety of coverages, but he needs consistent durability to help support him against running.

Defensive coordinator Wink Martindale and defensive back coach Jerome Henderson may be able to unleash talents that the Steelers have been unable to access.

safety (4)

Appetizers: Xavier McKinney, Julian Love
Backups: Dean Bilton and Jason Pinnock
Training squad: Trenton Thompson, Nate Meadows

Apparently, Schwinn is reading Big Blue View. Nick Valato recommended asking Pinnock away from the New York Jets and the Giants did.

A note about Tony Jefferson. There have been reports of him joining the Giants, and that may be the case. Jefferson even tweeted this Wednesday night:

As of this writing, nothing has officially happened. Jefferson was not included in the list of 53 players or coaching staff on the team’s website.

special teams (3)

place: Graham Jano
Gambler: Jimmy Gillan
long snapper: Casey Crater

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