Comedians Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears accused of child sexual abuse


Comedians Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears were charged with child sexual abuse in a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

The lawsuit — brought on behalf of two unidentified people, Jane Doe and John Doe, the latter is still a minor — alleges that Jane was sexually harassed and abused by Haddish and Spears while attending a comedy camp in 2013, when she was 14, and that John was abused While filming a sketch in 2014, when he was seven years old.

Jane, now 22, is the legal guardian of John, her younger brother who was born in 2007. They knew Haddish as a friend of the family through their mother, who, according to the document, discovered the alleged incidents after they occurred. “Drowsed, very sad, depressed, shocked, cold, numb, nauseated, and suicidal because of his trust in Hadash for her children.”

The Daily Beast first reported the lawsuit.

In a joint statement with The Washington Post Friday, Haddish’s attorney, Andrew Brettler, said the mother “has been trying to confirm these false allegations against Ms. Haddish for several years. … Currently, [she] Her adult daughter represents herself in this suit. Together, the two will face the consequences of continuing this absurd act.”

Debra Aubrey, Spears’ attorney, said her client “will not fall into the trap of any extortion.”

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During the summer of 2013, teenage Jane attended a comedy camp at which she was a guest talker. According to Suit, Haddish told Jane that she played her in a comedy skit and showed Jane a video clip of two people arguing over a sandwich and then started eating simultaneously “in a way that mimics the act of tongue.” Jane claimed that Spears, who was also present, then told her to imitate the actions and sounds she had seen, and that Haddish trained Jane how to do it as well.

The lawsuit alleges that “Plaintiff Jane Doe is physically, emotionally and mentally uncomfortable, and she imitated the actions that Haddish and Spears wanted her to do so she could go home,” adding that, “Up until this point, Haddish has been a role model in this 14-year-old victim.” …Hadash took care of the girl child, gained her trust, and created a false sense of security.”

A year later, Haddish allegedly brought the kids to Spears’ house to portray John in a sketch video that she said would help him book a role on Nickelodeon. The lawsuit states that Hadash separated the siblings and that she and Spears stripped John of his underwear to make a video called “Through the Eyes of a Pedophile,” which depicts “Spears craves and molests the 7-year-old all the time.” The document contains footage from the footage, which at times focused on John’s body.

The children’s mother said Hadash and Spears were dodgy when she asked to see the footage that made her son cry. According to the lawsuit, the video was uploaded to the Funny or Die website. In a statement shared with The Post, Funny or Die expressed that the company “found this video to be extremely disgusting and would never produce such content. We were not involved in the conceptualization, development, financing or production of this video. It has been uploaded to the site as user-generated content.” It was removed in 2018 immediately upon realizing its existence.”

Spears is best known for regularly appearing on the comedy series “Mad TV,” while Haddish climbed to the A-list after her breakout role in the 2017 comedy “Girls Trip.” Jane claimed in the lawsuit that viewing Haddish’s oral mime sex in a scene from the movie “opened a pent-up memory.” It led Jane to realize “the seriousness of what happened to her”.

Alice Critts contributed to this report.

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