Confronting Tom Brady: NFL Defenders, Coaches Share the Feeling of Confronting the Goats

Morris found himself in a similar situation last season, when he saw Los Angeles take a 27-3 lead over Brady and the Bucks in the middle of the third quarter of a Major League game. Then it happened. second.

Brady led Tampa Bay to 24 consecutive points, leveling the score with 42 seconds to play. The story was writing itself: Morris faces Brady heartbreak again!

Except he didn’t. Matthew Stafford and Cooper Cobb combined consecutive passes for 20 and 44 yards to set up the crucial field goal 4 seconds left.

“It would have been a great story for you guys to write about, but I’m glad you didn’t get that chance to write it,” Morris said with a laugh. “Honestly, losing the Super Bowl never crossed my mind during the match. There is no doubt about it [was] Raise them before the game. You definitely used it in preparation when talking to your comrades about staying in the fight. But once you start the game, he really has an advantage over you if you think about it.”

Morris, like many others, is awash in his praise of Brady. He saw something special in him the first time he played, during the 2005 season. Morris was the assistant linebacker coach for the Bucs defense who would finish the year #1 in points against and eighth overall.

“He stood in the pocket looking very relaxed and making passes perfectly with a massive rush around him. We had Simeon Rice and Derek Brooks shining in the A-gap. He stood in the pocket without shivering and hitting the balls on the field. You’re thinking about yourself, ‘oh man This guy is something different.” Who knew that in 2022, two decades later, you’d still talk about this guy in that way? It is a nice. It’s the goat

Which makes the chance of facing him different – dare we say, especially – than competing against anyone else, especially if this is his last season.

“His return and perhaps this farewell tour will be an opportunity for everyone to appreciate his greatness,” Morris said. “It would be something you could look at, for sure, as a coach or a player or someone who had to prepare for it and know that that was a special moment. You talk about Michael Jordan in our game, Pele in our game. You talk about the greatest of the greats. He’s a guy you tell your kids you’ve played with. against him and competed against him, and that you were one of the few who actually defeated him. This is special.”

Salameh Brown Jon Johnson played against Brady a little over 21 months ago, yet the details are as clear to him today as they were then. Fit for rams at the time, and Brady tasted an uncharacteristically bad throw that came straight to Johnson.

“He hit me in the chest and…I dropped him,” Johnson said. “It was wide open, untouched. After the match, I was like, ‘Darren, this might be the only chance I have of picking Tom.'” “Now that I have the chance again, I’ll definitely get up for this game. I’m not going to force anything. It’s just that if you can get the best you can ever do, that would be great. I’m going to take this ball home, frame it, and nobody touch it” .

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