Sharlby’s brother Dean remembers ‘too loving’ actress and drops ‘ridiculous’ Antifax theory

sudden death He is 32 years old sadness triangle Actress Sharlby Dean on Monday sparked a flood of shock, grief and heartfelt condolences – and some of the ridiculous medical allegations her brother contested on Wednesday in an interview with rolling rock.

Alex Jacobs spoke on the phone from Cape Town, South Africa, where he said Dean was an amazing person on the cusp of her breakout moment. The actress’ death in a New York hospital this week stunned everyone who knew her.

There are plenty of questions that still need answers, but one thing he feels sure of is that the wave of online comments claiming that Dean’s death was related to Covid vaccines – messages he has seen and read himself – are not helpful.

“That’s totally out of the question, from our point of view,” he says. rolling rock. “This is not the first wagon that you need to jump on. I think this is absolutely ridiculous and very naive.”

According to Jacobs, Dean was staying in New York with her fiancé, Luke Volcker, when she started having some “minor” symptoms that worried her enough and asked Volcker to go with her to the emergency room. Jacobs says she then died within hours, and her cause of death is still pending an autopsy that was underway on Wednesday.

Jacobs, 21, says, “This happened literally within a day: she gave him a headache, fell asleep, woke up her boyfriend, and she says please take me to the hospital.” rolling rock.

“We’re still not quite sure[what happened]. An autopsy is being done that we know may take some time. But what we heard was that there was a viral infection in her lungs.

He adds that his sister had a “very bad car accident” around 2009 that broke her back, broken ribs and lost her spleen.

“They removed her spleen. It’s involved in fighting the infection, and he could have done what happened. The lack of her spleen added to the reason why whey probably couldn’t fight it,” he says.

The law student says his family has been devastated by the loss.

“She was so caring and so loving, more than anyone I could ever know. She reminded us every day of how much she loved us. She spoke to my mom every day of her life. If the call ended, she would call her right away and say I wouldn’t say goodbye to you” .

“It’s very shocking to us right now that something like this is happening. It was really the glue that kept us together,” he says, adding that he is particularly concerned about Volcker.

“We love him so much,” he says. “I can’t imagine what it would be like there. My mother’s biggest worry was that she would die alone. He was with her, as close as he could be.”

Jacobs says his sister was thrilled when sadness triangle He recently won the Palme d’Or at Cannes.

“She was very excited about it, and we were really happy to support her,” he says. “It was amazing to see her succeed.”

along with sadness triangleThe actress is also best known for her recurring role in the CW’s superhero series black lighting.

Born and raised in South Africa, Dean and her co-stars made headlines when sadness triangle She received a standing ovation for eight minutes at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival before winning first prize.

In the social satire of writer and director Robin Ostlund, Dean portrays an ambitious and influential model who wins a trip on a luxury luxury yacht and takes on her model boyfriend (played by the 26-year-old) Kingsman Actor Harris Dickinson) as Plus One. Co-star Woody Harrelson, 61, plays a troubled yacht captain who presides over moody guests, including Russian oligarchs and a British arms dealer.

On Wednesday, August 31, Ostlund shared a tribute to Dean on Instagram, writing, “Charby’s sudden death is a shock and a tragedy. It’s a great honor to know and work with her. Charby had the care and sensitivity that uplifted her colleagues and the entire film crew. Thinking she wouldn’t be By our side in the future makes me very sad. At this difficult time, my thoughts go to her loved ones, her family, and fiancé Luke.”

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