Tony Khan will not comment on CM Punk, nor will he rule out Elite vs. Undisputed Elite

With AEW doing a full media campaign ahead of tonight’s Grand Slam (September 21) in New York City, we know some interviewers will be asking about everything that contributed to the engagement and beyond-Everyone is outside drama. When the subject of the interview is chief, Tony Kahn, there was also a question or two about the future of the men who were suspended over the altercation on the morning of September 5.

Now, we weren’t expecting answers… and certainly no direct answers. Maxwell Jacob Friedman handled the matter subtly when Ariel Helwani gave an interview to him on Monday.

It’s been TK’s turn for the past few days. It doesn’t tell us much either. He definitely doesn’t say anything as fun as the MJF did. But maybe we can get something from what AEW’s owner, boss, and booking agent said.

Before his appearance Tuesday at the Rock’s Rock Theater in San Diego 105.3 the offerIn this article, hosts Eddie and Thor have summed up a lot of what happened after the Labor Day PPV. When asked about Punk’s grip, Khan focused on the positive:

Well, I can’t really comment on any of that. I’d rather refer to the Championship of Champions and the AEW Grand Slam… Since All Out, we’ve been really at our strongest point, our strongest in a year. Really, we’re there with the strongest work we’ve done. Absolutely…but I have to tell you, what happens in the ring is the most exciting thing in wrestling right now.”

Pressed about “what happens behind the scenes,” Tony grabbed his gun:

Well, I guess what’s going on is the best show in pro wrestling, tomorrow night on TBS, AEW Dynamite Grand Slam. It’s Jon Moxley vs. American Dragon Brian Danielson in the Grand Slam of Champions Finals tomorrow night. Where Everyone is outsideIt was worth posting software, and it was also some of our top shows and our top ratings. That’s for a reason – because AEW had great matches. Right now there’s a lot of excitement in the company, not only with all the big tournament fights, people are really excited about MJF’s comeback. This is very huge. That’s one of the main things we focus on in AEW…”

Another attempt was made using the MJF, in which Khan was asked if the Punk fight had robbed him of his return. You can probably guess how it went:

“I won’t comment again on that, but I would like to say that MJF’s comeback has been a huge driver for AEW, and it generated a lot of interest. MJF’s comeback Wednesday night dynamite… It was awesome. I think that’s another reason we saw a huge rise in ratings. He’s a great star and a huge part in AEW.”

After going through this challenge, Khan faced a more friendly mission in the click. Host Baby Huey alluded to the situation that grabbed the headlines when talking about things like Jon Moxley skipping his leave for the Championship. This approach actually got more than just no comment, but TK still quickly focused on promoting this week and beyond:

“There were definitely some unexpected circumstances in the run-up to the Grand Slam, and we tried to make the most of it. And I think we had…”

Discussion of a change of plans resurfaced when Huey asked about a major show AEW was preparing that now seemed absolutely unlikely – elite versus undisputed elite. Maybe nothing, or just propaganda. But it is interesting that when asked what might be there, Khan does not rule out that one day it will happen…

“It would be fun to go back and think about it. Sure, while it didn’t come to fruition, you know, you never know. I certainly don’t want to rule out the possibility that one day it might happen. But on the other hand I mentioned some unexpected injuries and circumstances that happened. But those are all of them.” Great wrestlers and great trios, for sure.”

There is perhaps nothing to read regarding the status of Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks, as the departure of Bobby Fish and injuries to Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly present equally significant hurdles to revisit this program.

But we are just digging for some quotes for you. Tell us what you do, if any, in the comments below.

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