RIP to Olivia Wilde’s “Don’t Worry, Baby” Tour for Female Orgasm Awareness

every week day Don’t let this get lost, rolling rockPodcast about internet news and culture, we feature a segment called Regular People, about the comings and goings of the internet’s super heterosexuals. While this segment often features breakup and dating news, there is probably no internet drama more frank than the surrounding one. Don’t worry dear The upcoming film that has been subjected to a storm of rumors, speculation and public remorse directed at women and targeting its prominent female directors. It also prompted nearly every news outlet on the planet to run some variation of the above headline over the past 72 hours. why? Content, baby!

I don’t know what this movie is. Do I need to know?

I mean, it depends on how you feel about the mid-century modern horror/drama/thriller. Directed by Olivia Wilde, Don’t worry my love is a movie that, at least ostensibly, is about a group of housewives (including star Florence Beau) trying to uncover the truth behind their husbands (including rolling rock Cover star Harry Styles) is a top secret project. There also seems to be a subplot about female sexual empowerment, if the hype-worthy oral sex scene in the trailer – and Wilde’s constant discussion of the topic on her press tours for the film – are any indication. In one of the photos she posted from the group, she was wearing The future is female ejaculation T-shirt. It’s small on the nose, but it’s millennials, so that’s okay.

However, one could be forgiven for knowing nothing of this premise, as the bulk of the film’s coverage has focused on the alleged – the alleged! – The sticky trough of director (Wild) and male co-star (Stiles), who are said to have gotten together on set, hit suspiciously close to the time Wilde and then-fiancé Jason Sudeikis split.

Since early 2021, beginning with their first public appearances at the wedding of a Hollywood executive, Styles and Wilde have had an affair. Although neither of them have publicly commented in detail about the relationship, Wilde was seen on tour with him several times sexually dancing in the crowd, much to the ire of Styles fans all over the world. Against the background of this courtship, rumors also started circulating that Pugh, a captain Don’t worry my love, was not happy with Wilde and Styles’ relationship. In the media, there has been speculation that Pugh, a movie star in her own right, was paid much less Don’t worry my love from Harry, whom Wilde vehemently denied; Rumors also circulated that Pugh was angry that Styles and Wilde would often “disappear” from the set to “Canoodle” (industry jargon for “ridiculous”).

The fact that Pugh has not commented on almost any of these rumors, and has done so little publicly to promote the film, only added fuel to the fire. As well as the fact that recently Harper’s Bazaar Profile, Pugh seems to be alluding to Wilde’s public comments about the oral sex scene between her and Styles in an unkind way, saying, “When it gets reduced to your sex scenes, or to watching the world’s most famous man go on someone, that’s not why we’re doing it.” That’s not the reason I’m in this industry.Obviously, the nature of contracting with the most famous pop stars in the world, you’d have conversations like that. That’s just not what I’m going to discuss because of it. [this movie is] Bigger and better than that.”


Not quite clear. Almost no one debated whether this movie was actually a good one. It’s about a country secret as big as Area 54, or why Lucy Hale keeps making an appearance in the network’s pilots.

OK, but isn’t this all a bit tabloid, almost baseless speculation about the sexual lives of two, albeit very attractive, adults?

Yes, it is. But it’s also a necessary context for understanding what happened late last week, after Wilde appeared in a state of mist diverse Profile as a movie promotion. In the profile, Wilde discusses why Shia LaBeouf, who was originally cast as Styles, was fired from Don’t worry, my love. It exports the gristle-free paplum, which is the food stuff on most press tours:

His process was not conducive to the spirit that I claim in my productions. He has a process that seems to require, in some ways, combat energy, and I personally don’t think that leads to the best performances. I believe that creating a safe and reliable environment is the best way to get people to do their jobs to the fullest. Ultimately, it is my responsibility to the production and to the staff to protect them.

Aside from the fact that this sounds like the kind of thing a HR manager would say after firing a middle manager for getting drunk from canned G&Ts while hunting for corporate Easter eggs, everything Wilde says here makes sense. LaBeouf is, at least, what a second grade teacher generously refers to as a “big figure.” Arrested in 2014 for grabbing Alan Cumming’s ass in a Broadway performance nightclub. He was arrested for disorderly conduct in a bar, where body cam footage captured him making racist remarks. (Labeouf later apologized for the incident.) And in late 2020, shortly after leaving the group Don’t worry my loveLaBoeuf’s former FKA Twigs also alleges in a lawsuit that he sexually and physically abused her and other of his girlfriends. So when Wilde initially said she fired LaBeouf for being an idiot on set and to protect other performers, no one was particularly surprised—except perhaps for Shi LaBeouf himself.

shortly after diverse The story was published, LaBeouf decided to unleash the receipts. Send an email to diverse which he sent to Wilde after publication, refuted that he was fired and said he quit due to lack of training time. “My expulsion never happened, Olivia,” he wrote in the email. “And while I fully understand the allure of promoting that story because of the current social landscape, the social currency it brings. It’s not the truth.” A video of Wilde sent to LaBeouf at this time later went viral on social media, in which she appears to be begging him to stay on the project despite the feud between him and Florence Pugh, whom she refers somewhat smugly as “Miss Flo” :

Is it just me or does she strangely say “Shia” in this video?

Not only you. Shia. Shia Shia Shiaaaaaa.

How did Twitter react to this?

Rudely, with a big nuance. Nope, (in French), I offer a light comedic intervention! They used the video to draw a liar Wilde who threw Boog under the bus to keep the assailant in place. Many on Twitter have compared her to Amber Heard, which is kind of odd to say considering that Heard haters are accused of lying under oath about her character that he raped her with a bottle of wine and accused Wilde of….total dishonesty with a diverse Reporter. But this is clearly what we call the women on the Internet that we don’t like these days.

Is the video a smoke gun?

Not right. Apparently she is trying to devote herself to the Shia to get him not to quit smoking and save her film, but in fact this sounds less than the work of a gas-plagued con-social psychopath and more like an example of a manager trying to save a difficult project. By mediating conflict between employees. In fact, given LaBoeuf’s own track record, it’s fair to say he’s done more damage to his reputation and career than Wilde could have done in any one interview. But in any case, the alleged engagement between LaBeouf and Pugh, as well as the subsequent alleged conflict between Wilde and Poe, once again gave rise to the constant media cycle surrounding this film, which I would be remiss if I failed to point out again, we have no good idea at the start.

So who wins here?

One could say Florence Pugh came out looking the best of this epic, considering she kept her mouth pretty shut about the whole thing (and because she no longer had to pretend she was enjoying sex with Zach Braff). But for my money, the real winners are the other leading actors in the movie who got out of that movie so completely unscathed, that we don’t even know they’re in it, like Gemma Chan, Nick Kroll, and Chris Pine. Chris Pine is in that movie, and nobody cares. He’s going on this press tour with his flip phone upside down and his porn vibes Gandalf and he has absolutely no idea about any of the bullshit that’s been circulating online over the past few weeks and I think that’s pretty cool.

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