Prey CEO says Bethesda forced Arkan to use that name and calls the decision “gross”

When Prey Arkane Studios was first announced, it was met with confusion over whether the game was a follow-up to 2006’s Prey, the critically acclaimed first-person shooter developed by Human Head Studios. After it was revealed that there was no connection between the two games, some speculated as to why Arkane would choose the title of her upcoming game with the same name. However, as former Arkane director Raphaël Colantonio revealed, the development studio had no say in the matter.

As Kotaku reports, Colantonio recently appeared on a few podcasts discussing the prey industry – and his outright disdain for the name Bethesda “forced” Arkan to use it. In the last episode of the AIAS Game Maker Notebook podcast, Colantoniho detailed the experience:

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