Entertaining first half as Jacobi Brissett and Mitch Trubesky look good – Terry Pluto scribbles

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Scribble in my notebook during the Browns Trail in Pittsburgh, 14-13.

1. Pittsburgh took a different approach to attacking the Cleveland defense, in the first inning, the Steelers ran 16 times for 88 yards. Brown had trouble defending the race. Pittsburgh record for 1 yard run by Mentor’s Mitch Trubisky and 5 yards run by Nagy Harris.

2. Trubisky was 9 of 13 passing for 109 yards. He reached out to George Pickens for 36 yards, a one-handed grab by a Georgia Tech novice.

3. Jacoby Brissett had a strong first run. He was 16 by 22 passing for 134 yards and a pair of TDs. It was like he played against the Jets on Sunday.

4. Brown finally incorporated David Njoku’s court finish into the attack. He made a massive jump in the end zone for TD 7 yards. He had seven catches for 69 yards. Amari Cooper had four passes for 35 yards.

5. Welcome to Cleveland. Novice Kid Yorke missed an extra point in Brown’s 31-30 loss to the Gates last Sunday. In the second quarter, his attempt for the extra points in the standing position waned and failed. He called an extra point earlier in the game.

6. The Browns opened with Jack Conklin on the right tackle, the veteran’s first time playing this season. Demetrik Felton was returning the balls. was inactive. Veteran Chester Rogers took his place.

7. Browns had a meltdown on special teams when Cory Bogorquez’s ball was partially obstructed by Pittsburgh’s Miles Kelebro. It only traveled 25 yards. That gave Pittsburgh the ball on the Cleveland 48-yard line. Pick up the Steelers first. They set up a 49-yard field, but Chris Boswell missed him.

8. In the first quarter, Brissett picked up the first touchdown in the fourth and one spot. It’s the fourth time this season that Brissett has used QB’s stealth for the first time. He is 6 feet 4 feet 235 pounds and very strong.

9. Brissett’s QB infiltration kept leadership alive. Nick Chubb broke for a rumble of 36 yards as he broke at least three tackles. Then Brissett hit Amari Cooper with a laser pass for 12 yards TD. Chubb had 54 yards in six gigs in the first quarter.

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