It’s time to celebrate the end of Roman’s reign as a hero

Smackdown It airs tonight (September 2) with a taped show (spoilers available here) from Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan. This is the final Smackdown An episode in five weeks building towards Clash in the castleTomorrow (September 3) at 1 PM ET.

It’s time to celebrate the end of Roman’s reign as a hero

WWE World Championship Roman Reigns has been at the head of the table for over 720 days and will celebrate two years on top with a big celebration in the ring tonight. What Roman doesn’t realize is that this may actually be a celebration of the end of his dominant career.

That’s because Roman defends gold tomorrow against Drew McIntyre in Clash in the castle At Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales. WWE describes the event as “the first big on-court event in 30 years” in the UK. It happens that Drew is from the UK. Can he really showcase such a main event as the UK Champion and not come out as the Champion? Booking McIntyre to lose him in the UK would be pure madness, right?

The “30 Years” portion of the WWE description refers to Summerslam 1992Held at Wembley Stadium, London, England. The main event for this card was the British Bulldog against Bret Hart, and of course the Bulldog won the gold in his home country. McIntyre is not from Wales, but Scotland is very close. He’s basically been in the Bulldog’s position for 30 years as the underdog homeland rival against the incredible champ with a long history of success.

Drew really needs to make Roman suffer after an incident last week where a blood streak annihilated him and rips Drew’s back to shreds. Will McIntyre take revenge tonight by ruining Roman’s two-year celebration, or will he wait to hit Roman as he hurts him even more with his ultimate revenge by winning a championship in Clash in the castle?

The rest of the title scene

weak and weak Smackdown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan will defend gold against Shayna Baszler in Clash in the castle. These two wrestlers did not attend the show last week. Given that tonight’s episode was taped later that night, does that also mean they won’t be in tonight’s episode?

Intercontinental hero Gunther is set to defend his belt against Sheamus in Clash in the castle. Their teammates Ludwig Kaiser and Butch will go into a singles match tonight, so there’s a chance Sheamus and Gunther will meet during or after that fight.

Usos hm WWE Tag Team Champions But you don’t have any competition at the moment. They’ll probably be busy tonight joining Sami Zayn in celebrating Roman’s two years as a champion. But will Sami face any repercussions after his role in J’s loss to Kevin Owens on a day raw?

Raquel Rodriguez and Alia are the new ones Women’s tag team champions. We hope to hear a word or two from the new heroes tonight. Are Sasha Banks and Naomi ready yet to return to WWE and win back the gold they never lost?

Other things to watch

– Ronda Rousey faces a “final verdict” tonight, which likely means WWE will decide a new course of action regarding her indefinite suspension. Rousey doesn’t care about playing by the rules, so it might not matter what Adam Pierce tells her about it.

– The issues between the Viking Raiders villains and the new day have been going on for a long time, but will be resolved with tonight’s match instead of the new day Clash in the castle. The trick is that it’s a Viking Rules match, which according to WWE means “nothing is off the table in terms of the penalty each team will inflict on the other.”

– After weeks of teasing Drew McIntyre and saying “Tik Tok” a lot, Carrion Cross will finally decide Smackdown In the episode for the first time tonight. As long as he doesn’t face Jeff Hardy, Kroos is a good bet to win against any Gabroni standing across the ring from him. The WWE website says “Brand Blue will never be the same” after Carrion’s first match, so he’s probably right there with the relatively important Gabroni.

Happy Corbin on a losing streak. Which lovable face would get the honor of kicking his ass tonight?

– Maximum Male Models have their first official match Smackdown tonight. They will do their best to preserve your guilty pleasures when they take the Hit Row.

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