Diablo Immortal Whales Face Huge Orb Debt After Third Party Refunds

Many Diablo Immortal players – players who have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars in the fantasy game Blizzard – find themselves in huge in-game “debts” after voiding purchases made through third-party websites. Diablo Immortal immortal orbs is one of the base currency in the RPG, it is purchased with real money, and can then be spent on various purchases in the in-game store on cosmetic items, the legendary Diablo Immortal codes used to get the legendary gems from the slots Elderly, reconfigure stones used to return equipment rewards.

Buying Eternal Orbs can cost anywhere from $0.99 / £0.89 for just 60 up to the most expensive package, which offers 7,200 Immortal Orbs for $99.99 / £89.99. For context, Eternal Legendary Tokens will set you back 160 Immortal Orbs per vertex, while Cosmetics tend to run between 1,000 and 1,650 Eternal Orbs depending on their class. As a result, some players say they have turned to third-party sellers offering cheap deals on orbs, with some quote deals offering the 7200 orb bundle at prices ranging from $10 to $50.

However, it seems that the time has come for many players who have taken advantage of these deals. Multiple threads on the game’s subreddit indicate that a significant number of players who purchased Eternal Orbs through third-party sellers are now finding their accounts displaying a negative orb value when logging into the game. This usually happens when a user makes a refund for their in-game purchases, for example through a storefront such as the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or through their own payment provider.

However, in this case, it appears that purchases made through third-party sellers – possibly obtained through illegitimate sources or methods against Blizzard ToS such as store glitches, regional spreads, or Stolen credit and gift cards – Revoked en masse. This means that affected players are subject to penalties for having a negative carousel credit: they cannot join parties or participate in group activities such as feuds and dungeons unless they pay their ‘debts’ by purchasing enough immortal orbs through the in-game store.

One of the affected players is one of the best wizards in the Battlegrounds Wizards, Shia, who showed a picture of his orbital balance of -2,491,025 – a sum that would cost $35,000 / approximately £31,000 to pay off with in-game purchases on Blizzard. a store. Speaking to fellow Diablo immortal jtisallbusiness (known as the player unable to play PvP after spending $100,000 on in-game purchases), Shea says they bought the orbs through a well-reviewed secondary market.

The Shia explains in the interview: “It became more expensive, in the beginning it was $20 [USD per 7200 orbs], but it went up to about $50. The Shiites add that recently they’ve been charging about $85 per pack of 7200 — much more expensive than the starting prices, but there’s still a huge discount for players who buy hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of orbs. Asks J.T.

Reddit user paleblood, who says an estimated half of his clan has been damaged by eternal orb debts, seems rather curious about evolution. “no one [in my clan] He really sees a problem, everyone (including me) puts up with it and agrees that we all deserve it.” They add, “if anything makes sense.” [official] The price of immortal orbs, I bet many wouldn’t buy on the cheap.” Some other commenters say they’ve also been penalized despite buying from sellers who haven’t had a problem in the past three years with other mobile games.

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Reports in the past from users with negative German balances have suggested that accounts may eventually be disabled if the “debt” is not paid, but time will tell what happens to affected players in that case. We’ve reached out to Blizzard for comment, and will update the story with any further developments.

This apparent trend of third-party purchases hasn’t stopped Diablo Immortal’s micro-transactions of over $100 million on mobile devices alone in its first two months. Meanwhile, frustration among the high-ranking players was rife after several Diablo Immortal clans suffered from the mass reports. The latest update, patch 1.5.5, Diablo Immortal, introduces the Season 4 battle pass and new Helliquary double bosses Gishtur and Beledwe. If you’re jumping in, be sure to check out our Diablo Immortal category list and our pick of the best Diablo Immortal builds to set you up for success in the new season.

Image credit: Shia via jtisallbusiness.

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