These four zodiac signs will have the worst month of September, thanks to Mercury Retrograde

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If you’re already feeling bitter with summer coming to a close, you might be one of the signs of the zodiac that will experience the worst month in September 2022. After all, not everyone is looking for the analytical and perfectionist vibe of the Virgo season, which often magnifies even the smallest of imperfections!

However, this September is bound to be more intense than it usually is, because Mercury stations retrograde at 8 degrees Libra on September 9th. This is likely to lead to misunderstandings in your relationships which could eventually lead to a full-blown conflict. If you and your SO are suddenly out and about and considering a breakup, you may want to relax when making any permanent decisions while Mercury is in retrograde, because everyone’s judgment will be at least somewhat off. In addition, this undoing may cause people from the past to appear, such as that ex that you still have unfinished business with. Now is the time to find some conclusion, my love.

By September 10, the full moon will rise in the emotional and intuitive lagoon of Pisces, increasing the level of sensitivity and openness. However, this may also intensify your desire to avoid reality, especially since this full moon joins the fugitive Neptune. There may be a case you’ve been seeing through rose-colored glasses, so get ready for some enlightening facts to emerge on you!

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By September 23, Mercury will return to the delicate and methodical Virgo, which will take this retrograde to a different level. After all, Mercury is ruled by Virgo, which means you can expect some classic symptoms of this retrograde to occur, like delays, typos, miscalculation, and mistakes in placements! And since Venus — the planet of love — forms an opposition with Neptune in Pisces on September 24, which can set the stage for some serious romantic energy, but it can also make you vulnerable to deception. If someone is trying to sell you something, you may want to make sure they are really willing to put their money where it is.

Fortunately, with a new moon in Libra on September 25 — followed shortly after Venus enters Libra on September 29 — the month ends on a note full of hope. Venus loves being in Libra, and because this primary air sign is always trying to turn the ugly into the beautiful, you can expect this month to end with love on your mind.

If your sun sign and/or altitude sign falls under any of these zodiac signs, here’s why the astrological flavor of September 2022 might not be to your liking:

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You don’t mind when life gets a little unpredictable, enjoying a little chaos, Aries! Your ability to not only weather the drama, but also to maneuver in your favour, will come in handy when the stations of Mercury retrograde on September 9. Create discord in your seventh house of partnerships, and this month may come with turmoil in your closest union. You can expect this energy to affect your romantic relationships, your platonic friendships and even your dynamic with your co-workers!

Although Mercury’s return can lead to misunderstandings and misunderstandings, it also gives you a chance to fix issues that have been left unresolved for a long time. If you’ve been fighting the same argument with your SO for years and years, this stepping back might really encourage you to come to an understanding and either forgive or move on. This energy may also pave the way for former lovers and old friends to re-emerge, so be sure to look for any “you?” texts. When the full moon in Pisces rocks your 12th house of unseen energies on September 10, it can lead to a moment of emotional catharsis, but it also causes a secret admirer (or even a secret hater) to become known.

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You may feel *way* more sensitive than usual this month, Gemini. After all, the Sun is in Virgo, which energizes your fourth house of home, family, and inheritance. You may feel drawn to your roots because you feel the need to go back to your hometown and reconnect with your close relatives. However, this transit can also bring you some early childhood drama, which is the last thing you might be in the mood for. Fortunately, if you are willing to nurture yourself at the base and water your roots, you will realize that home is not where you came from, but where you want to be.

Is the clock Mercury retrograde already? That’s right – on September 9, Mercury – your ruling planet – will put a retrograde into your 5th house of romance and pleasure. This can seriously reduce your creative inspiration, Gemini, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re not in the mood to create your next masterpiece. For you, inspiration comes in waves! This undone can also lead to a few unwanted frizzes, so be careful who you put your heart on (especially if that flaky flame is from your past).

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This month is about to be a wild experience from start to finish, Libra. The Virgo Sun is currently moving through your strange and psychedelic twelfth house, which is cooking up some strange dreams and upping the ante for your intuition. This transit can make you feel more tired than usual, so don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re working out with less energy than usual. After all, you feel more sensitive to spiritual vibrations, which is why you should avoid toxic energy – and toxic people – as much as you can.

Mercury stops in Libra on September 9, which could literally cause a complete identity crisis. With Mercury’s tail rushing backward through your first house of yourself, you may feel like you don’t know who you are and you’re unsure of who you’ll become. You may have to remember who you used to be in order to understand your journey on a deeper level. After all, you’ve come a long way since then! The full moon in Pisces will occur on September 10, and it will highlight your sixth house of systems and routine, which will remind you that trust is not built in an instant; It grows over the course of countless self-care activities and positive affirmations. A plant needs sunlight in order to grow and a person absolutely needs love.

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This month will be very intense and transformative for you, Pisces. After all, the full moon in Pisces takes place on September 10, which will be a key moment of self-discovery. Since this full moon joins Neptune in Pisces, it has a super forgiving energy, so use it to make peace with your past and stop making harsh judgments on yourself. No one expects perfection from you, Pisces, but they do expect you to be yourself. If you feel the need to suppress your true feelings in order to fit in, it can become a lie that inevitably becomes a *bigger* lie.

Mercury will retrograde this month, and on September 23, Mercury will return to your seventh house of partnerships. This will highlight the dynamic you share with the people you are emotionally involved with, especially if there is a heightened tension that needs to be addressed. Since Venus in Virgo is opposed to Neptune in Pisces on September 24th, you may be faced with the fact that not everything is as it seems, especially if you ignore red flags and romanticize an unhealthy situation. Be true to yourself, sweet fishy.

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