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The highly influential RPG series Kunio-kun initially appeared in arcade cabinets and Apple II computers alike – all the way back in 1986, before the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Streets of Rage, if you can believe it – and since then This legacy has been built incrementally, spanning more than 20 versions of the game in Japan. Although far fewer made their way to the West. But recently, developer ArcSys has streamlined Kunio-kun’s beat-up RPG formula with the help of River City Ransom: Underground and its sequel, River City Girls of 2019. The latter was particularly well received due to its great fighting, fun soundtrack, and solid level design. And now, three years later, developers WayForward and ArcSys are once again participating in the upcoming River City Girls 2, and it already promises to be a good sequel to feisty revelers and Kunio-kun fans alike, I had the chance to play the first level while soaking up the initial story sequences. As the third of its six playable characters, explore a small portion of its sprawling map, and hit its first boss. It already feels like a perfect follow-up to both the original River City Girls and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, so buckle up.

River City Girls 2 is a pure slapstick game, centered around an eccentric but delightfully self-aware cast of cartoon-inspired characters who are all supposed to be of high school age but generally have a taste for violence that would be totally out of place for any real teen. Regardless, the whole city wants a piece of you, and you’ll quickly find yourself getting into fights with just about everyone. It’s a bit like Cobra Kai meeting One Punch Man, if that helps.

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There are now six playable characters to choose from (up from the original main cast of four), including new additions Provie and Marian, the first of which can pop off the boombox with the Y button and dance with the B button. Yes, these are moves Actual combat can do a lot of damage to nearby enemies, and there are plenty of other moves I could unlock by visiting the Dojo and buying it with in-game currency. All of these characters seem to have their own fighting styles, moves, characters, and dialogues, although I only tried three of the six, including Kunio and Ricky. Kunio himself is more of a heavy hitter, while Ricky deals less damage per attack but moves faster overall. According to the developers, up to four players can now play a single game simultaneously with the new four-player co-op mode, although I haven’t tried it in action.

It’s a bit like Cobra Kai meeting One Punch Man, if that helps.

River City Girls 2’s pixelated style is more colorful and expressive than ever, and looks great in 2K. Having recently come out with TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, which is based on the same art style, it’s really hard to complain. At work, everything looks as smooth as you’d expect. The environments are full of things to disassemble and weapons to pick up, including other enemies, and the River City Girls 2 map seems particularly open as you can enter the shops and look at the side areas along the main path – at least on the first level. Much like its predecessor, it has a rich soundtrack that swings between 16-bit inspired beats and pop songs with excellent vocals from the likes of Christina Fey and Megan McDuffie, and there’s plenty of satirical humor baked right into some of these sounds as well. For example, this mall area is recorded with a song that explicitly and cheerfully mocks you throughout the entire department. It had a lot of laughs, and many of these story moments are set with a lighthearted sense that often breaks the fourth wall – which certainly fits into the rhythm of a brawl involving high school students.

I’ve found some great new combat features here as well, including the ability to recruit up to two fallen opponents. They then become allies that can be summoned so that you are able to engage them in battle for a very limited time, but depending on how you choose to equip your character – this is an RPG after all – it looks like you can customize your summoning abilities, making them appear more regular and cause More damage. I haven’t been able to see the full extent of the progression systems in River City Girls 2, but the characters are clearly getting stronger when you use them and invest in their equipment and skills, and it’s nice to develop your skills along with theirs.

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