MTV Documentaries Unveils Full Panel and Trailer for Ondi Timoner’s ‘Last Flight Home’ (Exclusive)

MTV Documentary Films hosted new projects about an all-Afghan robotics team, a #MeToo crime story, an imprisoned mural artist and a community of disabled children in Pakistan. The documentaries join a list that includes Ondi Timoner’s Sundance title “Last Flight Home,” which will be showing at Telluride this week in a rare double fest.

Also at the Colorado Film Festival for MTV Documentaries is Angola, Can You Hear Us? Voices from Plantation Prison, “Anastasia” and “Favorite Daughter”.

The new division, which was nominated for an Academy Award for “Ascension” earlier this year, was created in 2019 by Sheila Nevins, legendary head of documentaries at HBO, and Viacom CBS CEOs Lisa Burnett Fefferman and Nina L. Diaz. Nevins has been on HBO for 38 years and won 34 Emmys in that time. Her credits include “Citizenfour,” “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief,” and “Paradise Lost.”

The featured roster includes four feature-length documentaries and six short films (full details below), with Timoner’s “Last Flight Home” a major focus. A number of these projects will be placed by MTV Documentary Films as award contenders.

Dig!” The famous director’s film follows the journey of her family saying goodbye to their ailing father, who chooses to end his life through assisted suicide. Timoner’s recent films include the opioid crisis document “Coming Clean” (2020) and the scripted feature “Mapplethorpe” about photographer Robert Mapplethorpe (2018). ).

Check out the exclusive trailer for “Last Flight Home”.

Elsewhere on the list, David Greenwald’s “Afghan Dreamers” follows members of an all-girl robotics team from Afghanistan who struggle for success in international competitions, while battling their male-dominated culture and the threat of Taliban rule. The group was famously evacuated last fall after the Taliban invaded Afghanistan.

Another documentary, “Art & Krimes by Krimes,” centers on artist Jesse Krims who, while incarcerated for six years in federal prison, secretly created massive works of art including a 30-foot mural made of prison bed sheets, hair gel and newspaper.

Meanwhile, Oscar-nominated Julie Goldman’s The Fire That Took Her details the historical case about 31-year-old Judy Malinowski, who was doused in gasoline and set on fire by her crazy ex-boyfriend. She was one of the first people to testify “from beyond the grave” at the trial for her murder.

The short films include As Far As They Can Run, a true-to-life portrait of disabled children in rural Pakistan who were deemed “useless” by their communities.

Diaz and Burnett Feverman, co-chairs of MTV Documentary Films, said in a statement: “As we begin our third year of MTV documentary production, we are thrilled to be working with an extraordinary group of filmmakers whose projects are uplifting and incredible – inspiring and deeply moving.”

“We never expected to have four films at Telluride and get such a strong response to our growing list of festivals around the world – we can’t wait to bring these titles to audiences everywhere whether in theaters or at Paramount+,” he said.

Check out the full details below:


“The last trip home”
Director: Andy Timmoner
Executive Producer: Sheila Nevins
Logline: On an unremarkable suburban street, we find Eli Timoner in his final days and discover an extraordinary life, a life filled with wild accomplishments, tragic loss and, above all, enduring love. His daughter Ondi shares an unforgettable and astonishing true account of a family bravely and joyfully confronting life and death.
Theatrical release: October 7, New York, October 14, Los Angeles

“Afghan Dreamers”
Director: David Greenwald
Producers: David Cowan, Beth Murphy
Executive Producers: Sheila Nevins, Ellen Gosenberg
Logline: Members of the all-girls robotics team from Afghanistan struggle for success in international competitions, while battling their male-dominated culture and the threat of Taliban rule.
Theatrical release: October 28, Los Angeles

“Art and Crimes by Crimes”
Director: Alyssa Nahmias
Producers: Amanda Spain, Benjamin Murray, Alyssa Nahmias
Executive Producers: Sheila Nevins, Jennifer Westphal, Joe Plummer, Patti Klein, Haley Adelman, Ivy Herman
The logical line: While incarcerated for six years in federal prison, artist Jesse Krems secretly created monumental works of art—including a stunning 40-foot-high mural made of prison bed sheets, hair gel, and newspapers. He smuggles each painting piece by piece with the help of his fellow artists, only seeing the entire mural upon returning home. As Jesse’s work captures the attention of the art world, he struggles to adjust to life abroad, living under the threat that any misstep will result in a life sentence.
Theatrical release: September 30, New York and Los Angeles

“The fire you took”
Director: Patricia E. Gillespie
Producers: Julie Goldman, Chris Clements, Carolyn Hepburn
Executive Producer: Sheila Nevins
Logline: Jodi Malinowski, a 31-year-old mother of two, was doused in gasoline and set on fire by her crazy ex-boyfriend – and was one of the first to testify from beyond the grave, at trial for her murder. A story that lives at the intersection of true crime and #MeToo, the fire that destroyed it delves into a historical case to beg a timely question: How much suffering do women have to go through to be believed?
Theatrical release: October 21, New York and Los Angeles


“Angola, can you hear us? Voices from Plantation Prison”
Director: Cinque Northern
Producer: Catherine Gund
Executive Producer: Sheila Nevins
Logline: The story of playwright Lisa Jesse Peterson closing in 2020 to perform her famous play “The Peculiar Patriot at Angola” at the Louisiana State Penitentiary, America’s largest prison farm. The documentary examines the reasons for stopping the show, the material that encountered a regime, and how the impact of Peterson’s visit spread through Angola long after her visit record was erased by prison authorities.

Director: Sarah McCarthy
Producers: Sasha Udinova and Sarah McCarthy
Executive Producer: Sheila Nevins
Logline: Russian activist Anastasia Shevchenko has been arrested and held under house arrest for two years for speaking out against the government. While imprisoned, she was separated from her young daughter, who died alone. As Anastasia travels through Russia by train, she comes to terms with her loss and realizes that the only way to keep fighting for freedom is to leave her homeland for good.

“favorite daughter”
Director: Dana Riley
Executive Producer: Sheila Nevins
Logline: A grandmother, mother, and daughter are secluded together in Tribeca’s apartment as they laugh at life over wine.

“More than I want to remember” (animation)
Director: Amy Bench
Producers: Caroline Merriman, Mugeni
Executive Producer: Sheila Nevins
Logline: One night at her home in southeastern Congo, 14-year-old Mugeni wakes up to the sounds of bombs. As her family spreads out into the surrounding woods to save themselves, Mugeni finds herself completely alone. From there, she sets off on a fascinating solo journey across the world, determined to reunite with her missing loved ones and raise the level of the Banyamuleng people. Despite unimaginable obstacles, Mugeni’s story is ultimately a portrait of hope, love and family bonds.

“As far as they can run”
Director: Tanaz Ishgian
Producer: Tanaz Ishgian and Christoph Jorg
Executive Producer: Sheila Nevins
Logline: An intimate, unwavering look at disabled children in rural Pakistan who were deemed “useless” by their communities, as far as they can run is a painfully true portrait of three young teenagers who managed to find acceptance and a place in society through sports.

Thank you Mrs. Maravel from Rosie’s Theater Kids
Director: Stephen Kantor
Producer: Sheila Nevins, Jimmy Schutz
Logline: Ten years ago, inspired by the teacher who inspired her, comedian Rosie O’Donnell set up a school, giving public school kids access to dance, music, and drama. This film follows five children as they pursue their goals on stage and screen, and learn to believe in themselves!

Check out the official poster for “Last Flight Home” below:


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