The Moment Top Gun: Independent producer Jerry Bruckheimer and his actors realized just how big the Tom Cruise movie was after its release.

There was a lot of anticipation for the release Top Gun: Maverickespecially considering the number of delays, but kudos if you’re among the people who predicted it would be the most successful 2022 movie release. Not only did critics and the general public alike praise Tom Cruise’s flicks, it’s still the only movie of the year to surpass A billion dollars worldwide, and he has now crossed it Titanic It became the highest-grossing feature film for Paramount Pictures domestically. Three months have passed since then dissident It premiered in theaters, and I took the opportunity to ask some of her talents when they realized just how big this movie was after its release.

In the beginning, we have producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who did the same duties on the original Better. Bruckheimer played an instrumental role in getting Top Gun: Maverick Off the Earth with Tom Cruise, and as Lee explains in the following statement, one of the film’s biggest draws is immersing audiences in a world so high-flying that they will never be a part of so much fun, many see dissident On the big screen several times. In Bruckheimer’s words:

Every day was an adventure. You never know what will happen to the crowd, if it will fall off a cliff or not. It’s like a mountain that keeps growing. Yesterday’s totals were better than last week’s totals on the same day, so you never know. This movie goes on, and people have seen it many times, it’s very entertaining. We take inside a world that they will never be a part of, or most people will never be part of, a pilot, and we show them how it works, and they get a flight in an F-18 in that movie, and in the theater, when you see it in an IMAX or a big screen, it’s an amazing ride. . It’s something that I think will continue with you. People have seen it, like I said, many times, and it’s just an exciting ride. You’re in an F-18 with our characters. This is an experience you will never have in your life, most likely.

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