At $8,500, would you let everything hang out in your 1964 dune buggy?

Good price or no dice 1964 dune buggy

Due to the scarcity of chassis benefactor VW Beetles, few people build cars as fun as today Good price or no dice Dune buggy anymore. That’s too bad and makes street fun cars like this a rare commodity. Let’s decide what might be of value.

While it had a 302-horsepower, four-cam V8 and badass aesthetics, few of you felt yesterday 2003 Mercury Marauder It was still Grandpa’s car. this opinion It can be argued, but in the defense of the car – and the imagined owner – Marauder SGrace That would suggest a great grandfather. nThe asking price of $19,500 for the thieves was pretty impressive. According to the vote78 % of you felt it was worth it Don’t lose the dice.

When Bruce Meyers invented the Dune Buggy in a small garage in Newport Beach, California in 1964, he wasn’t planning on creating an automotive icon. Instead, he was just trying to make something he and his fellow surfers could ride on the cheap in Baja so they could take their boards and themselves ashore. Signal surfer girl by the Beach Boys.

The original Myers Manx, as Bruce called it because of its nearly non-existent rear overhang, started a whole new class of cars and spawned countless replicas that made the bank on Myers’ hard work. In fact, so many companies had stripped Myers’ original design that he made the next car, the Manx SR, a design that was much more difficult to copy.

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this is 1964 sand dunes It’s described in its ad as a “Manx replica” but if you look at its double nosed and 2+2 seats, you can see that it’s a bit off that mark. However, it looks equally fun and seems to be in great shape as well.

According to the ad, the car rides on a 1964 Volkswagen Type I chassis and there is a 1,600cc Volkswagen Flat Four in the back of that. The transmission, of course, is a four-speed manual. The odometer is said to be broken, so the mileage on those mechanisms is unknown.

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This is not a single trick game as it is claimed to be street legal and actually carries a license plate with what appears to be current markings. However, it isn’t 100 percent capable of running, as it lacks windshield wipers and any kind of turn signals other than an outstretched or twisted arm. There are small bumps on the hood to place the former and the seller says the latter comes with the car and only needs to be installed.

All the lights on it are LED lights, including a horizontal light strip installed at the top of the cage. The ad claims that the metal roof panels behind it are removable. There doesn’t seem to be any other kind of weather protection on the car, but that doesn’t matter because that’s not something you might do on a rescue mission during a hurricane or something.

Photo of the article titled At $8,500, Do You Allow Everything to Ride in a 1964 Dune Wagon?

Alternatively, it’s a fun trip to the beach or maybe actually just wandering over the actual sand dunes on that beach once you get there. To keep everyone in the car, there are Crow four-point harnesses throughout.

The fiberglass feels solid and the tires seem to have a great deal of comfort so there doesn’t seem to be much that needs to be done to improve the buggy outside of installing those turn signals and maybe some wipers. With that fairness to race in mind, what should we take away from Dune Buggy’s asking price of $8,500? This gives you a car that’s unwieldy but fun, and represents a bit of an automobile legend – that of the Dune Buggy craze of the late ’60s and early ’70s.

What do you think, is this Dune Buggy worth $8,500 as featured in its ad? Or will that price drive you to the buggy?

It’s your decision!

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