Inbox: There are a lot of things Packers have to overcome

Thomas of Cedar Rapids, IA

What’s more/less about broken Surface Pros in Tampa?

This week’s stories are just getting started, right?

Jeff from Indian Lake, New York

What is the weather like in Tampa this weekend? Make sure Wes stays hydrated, Mike. Hood can’t be writhing on us!

Top 80s on Saturday and Sunday. I’ll make sure Wes gets to the bus.

Talk about a two-week story. The packers looked terrible in Week 1 and hardened in Week 2. Minnesota looked like the favorites to win the North in Week 1 and Week 2, they looked like they wouldn’t make the playoffs. Was it the Packer’s over-preparation that might have hurt them here?

Have you ever heard of the term weekly league? I feel like I have to say it more and more every year.

Dean of Leavenworth, IN

After years of frustration and what I’ve been seeing in pre-season, I’m thrilled that the Packers players kept special teams during their first two games. I hope in the second half of the season we can win consistently with special teams. Is this reasonable going forward?

This is the goal. Progress is being made. That’s all anyone could ask for at this early stage.

As special teams enter the field hopefully continue their trend away from the cotton disc event of recent years, are we seeing more starters in block and cover units? I thought I saw Douglas in the group after the kickoff, but I didn’t know if I was wrong, or that he was stepping in there as part of the defense.

Messenger Douglas is on the starting team, as is Eric Stokes. They are the furthest players from every aspect. Stokes is also a boat-return jammer, Walker is in gambling protection, and there are no kickback starters. Field target and field target block are where there are the most number of frontline names. Marcedes Lewis, Dean Lowry, Royce Newman, Yosh Nijman and Jon Runyan are in the FG Protection Unit, while the FG block is almost all newbies – Jaire Alexander, Stokes, Darnell Savage, Rashan Gary, Jarran Reed, Kenny Clark, Preston Smith, De Founder Campbell, Laurie and Adrian Amos, as well as TJ Slaton. That group was in the field for the Bears only PAT, so it wasn’t some kind of warning/fake PAT unit.

Keri from Lakewood Ranch, Florida

What a rare treat we have coming Sunday in Tampa. Two future HOF QBs still play at a high level facing off in the pivotal NFC game. The question is at a combined age of 83, AR 12 38 and TB 12 45, are they the oldest QBs to start a showdown in an NFL game? Apologies for the math question.

no. Brady (43) and Drew Bryce (42) were a combined 85 when they met in the NFC playoffs in January of 2021.

Philly just reminded fans why Cousins ​​can be just as killer for his teams as the winner. By owning Slay Jefferson’s shadow, you can see Cousins ​​question his throws and even succumb to two of Slay’s picks that smell of Cousins’ desperation. With a defensive weapon like Jaire, why not use it for at least part of the game on his best receiver to get the head of everyone who throws the ball?

It was clear after the Packers plan failed that other opponents would take different tactics. It was Slay’s first pick for Jefferson, though not Cousins. He was saved on his way. I think the bigger point of anything to do with the plot, though, has to do with your idea of ​​desperation – the Vikings were playing from behind all night, and they looked like a completely different team. This is something to watch as the season begins.

Kenton from Rochester, Minnesota

The Eagles seem to have found the key to stopping a powerful Viking attack fueled by Justin Jefferson: covering a man on JJ with his best playmaker and then squeezing Cousins ​​into the pocket. Hmmm… Where did you hear this idea before? Seriously (though it’s only one game), do you think the way the Vikings closed in will convince DC Barry to rethink the Packers’ defensive strategy the next time they meet?

I think the way the Packers performed in the first week paid attention to that.

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