Ezra Miller’s presence at Daly Land looms over Marie Aaron

~Very surreal~

~Very surreal~
picture: Jimmy McCarthy (Getty Images)

When the Toronto International Film Festival Tried to Push Miller’s Appearance in Mary Harron’s Daliland Under the rug while announcing the menu in advance this monthThe conversation focused only on the actor’s participation. As the only Miller feature other than Warner Bros. Sparkle, their presence in Daliland She is exaggerated, though she only appears as the young surrealist Salvador Dali in some scenes.

With their non-removable casting, the question about Daliland It became: “What was it like working with Ezra Miller?” To which most of their colleagues answer: perfectly fine, even good. Aaron and his fellow cast members Certificates No Draw a picture of an eccentric and unstable person who will rise soon Several arrests and becomes main matchbut a seasoned professional who showed up ready to do the job.

“They gave a totally fulfilling performance,” Aaron says of Miller in a new interview with Miller. Vanity Fair. “They were very professional and kind to everyone. There was no problem or sign of trouble in the group. So it was annoying and horrible to read what happened next. It was very sad reading this stuff – very sad for everyone involved. Hope they seem to get help Like a very dangerous break.”

She adds, “I don’t condone any mistake they’ve made. I think it doesn’t matter how talented a person is, if they make a mistake they have to face it. I also think it’s clear that this isn’t just a young star acting. Serious intervention, I hope it has happened.”

Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley plays the older Dali – the version we see the most in the movie. Kingsley and Miller share one scene – “a duet” – in which the latter speaks the words uttered by the former. By Kingsley’s account, working with Miller has been fantastic.

“When I describe working with a fellow actor as a duo, it’s probably 10 out of 10,” Kingsley says of working with Miller.

Kingsley stars in Daliland Along with Barbara Socoa, Christopher Breney, Robert Graves and Suki Waterhouse. When it comes to Briney’s experience working with the actor, he describes Miller as “very warm and very welcoming.”

“I’ve had a few confrontations with Ezra. And I can’t talk about the controversy and all that. I just don’t know what to say, and I don’t have a broad enough perspective on the situation. But they were my first two days on set, and I’ll say they were really, really warm to me.” And very welcoming,” Brenny says. “On my first day at any professional position, Ezra spent their entire lunch talking to me about acting and their beginnings.

“Ezra was gracious and willing to talk to me,” Brenny continues. “Again, I can’t speak to the broader picture of all the things that are happening, but it was great for me.”

These testimonies paint the picture of someone who seems to have strayed in a flashy way, and unfortunately has harmed others in their path. As the actor appears come down to earthMiller without a doubt He has a long way to go when it comes to undoing the damage they’ve done (not to mention several charges they face). With a cure on the horizon for Miller’Complex mental health issuesWe can only hope that things remain on the path of stability.

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