Herbert Diess bids farewell to Volkswagen on his last day as CEO

Herbert Diess will officially resign as Chairman and CEO of the Volkswagen Group at the end of the day.

“Today is my last day as CEO of Volkswagen and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you once again,” said Dies. “This has been the most rewarding seven years of my career. The future of our industry can be great but we have to change fast. Volkswagen has already changed tremendously and is on the cusp of change.”

Diess effectively led the charge in Volkswagen’s electrification efforts, leading the German automaker to move past its cloudy past that included the Dieselgate scandal, a controversy that saw the company use cheat devices during emissions testing. Knowing that the company’s reputation and future were on the line, Deiss pushed Volkswagen to focus on electric vehicles, which led to the automaker being named number two in the industry by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. corporate identity. The vehicle platform is quickly becoming one of the best selling platforms on earth. ID.4 outperformed the Tesla Model 3 in July, CleanTechnica data appears.

“We’ve turned a company that was once seen as a totalitarian bluff into a global thought-leader in clean mobility,” said Dies, based on the comments he received from Volkswagen fans after announcing his departure.

“I am grateful to all stakeholders and all employees for the opportunity to steer the company through partly rough waters but with a clear direction: Let’s shape mobility for future generations,” Diess said in his farewell.

Diess began feeling pressure from Volkswagen’s board in 2021 when he warned that the slow transition to electric cars could cost 30,000 employees their jobs. This was considered an unfounded comment by the Volkswagen trade union, and Dess was put before a rare mediation committee, where he was penalized internally. Dess eventually said job cuts weren’t Volkswagen’s focus but the competition’s shadow, and keeping up with Tesla, was.

Volkswagen eventually expanded the responsibilities that Diess had as CEO of AG again due to his comments.

However, the damage appears to have been done, and the relationship cannot be saved. In late July, the German media n-tv She reported that Dess and Volkswagen have decided that his time with the company will end in late August. Oliver Blume, current head of the Volkswagen Porsche brand, is set to take the title of CEO of Volkswagen AG, immediately replacing Dies.

“Thank you all for your trust and feedback. Under the leadership of Oliver and an ever stronger team of board members, I am convinced that the company will remain in a leadership position for as long as I can anticipate.

Diess said that since announcing his departure from Volkswagen, he has received positive feedback on what has proven to be work for the automaker. One LinkedIn user told him, “You’ve turned Volkswagen into a leader in clean mobility.” It’s the only compliment that Des mentioned, so he seems exceptionally proud of the work he’s done, and let’s be honest, he should be.

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Herbert Diess bids farewell to Volkswagen on his last day as CEO

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