Why are Rieger’s ex-colleagues happy with him after the trade

After watching the first two years of Jalen Reagor’s career, it’s hard to imagine he’d ever live to be a first-round pick.

It certainly won’t happen here.

“I feel like some people need a change of scenery,” DeVonta Smith said.

Rigor got that change of scenery on Wednesday, when pre-training General Manager Howie Rosman shipped the first round of the 2020 TCU to Minnesota for a pair of Day Three picks.

“I’m happy for him,” Smith said. “A fresh start for him. Get out there, I hope he does what he wants.”

In exchange for Rigor, the Eagles had a seventh-round pick in 2023 and a fourth-round pick in 2024 “that will change to fifth if certain stat scores are not met.”

Heck, it looks like the verbiage of trade is already preparing Rigor for disappointment in his next town.

At Philly, the Eagles, who underperformed in the first round, will be remembered by the permanent Pro Bowler, Justin Jefferson, who later went to No. 22. Neither matters help nor Jefferson’s immediate success. While Rigor has always publicly asserted that Jefferson’s rise did not affect him, it likely did.

That Rigor is now joining Jefferson in Minnesota is not forgotten.

The Eagles broke the conventional wisdom in 2020 when they came up with a capture of Rigor because they loved his blowout. From that point on, the choice was doomed to fail.

Rigor had to come to terms with those expectations and with the fact that he didn’t live up to them.

“It wasn’t very fun for Régor. He was having a rough time,” Dallas Guedert said. They shot through the media no matter what. But he was someone who always kept his head down and running. I always respected him. Never complained. He was only here to get better. I have tried. I respected Rigor a lot, he was a great friend of mine.”

In his two seasons in Philadelphia, Rigor had a major role and his productions never came close to matching. He has had 64 passes for 695 yards and 3 touchdowns in 28 games (24 starts) and has never had more than 57 yards in any singles game.

Rigor even struggled in the second leg. Last year, he ranked 17th in the NFL in average kick return (7.3) among eligible players and 27th in the NFL in average kick returns (21.3) among players who had at least 10 attempts.

Rigor has really hurt the Eagles more than he helped them in 2021.

And the more pressure mounts, the more Rigor hears about it, the more he sometimes criticizes him on social media or digs the hole deeper with his game.

Rigor has been a regular fixture in each of the last two seasons, and even after the Eagles drafted Smith with the 10th overall pick in 2021, Rigor was still ranked second last season. So it went from being their second choice at the beginning of last year to being a consumable one a year later. This shows you how good the Eagles reception room is at the moment.

Rigor got the news about the trade while at the NovaCare Complex on Wednesday before training and then went.

For the most part, Rieger’s former teammates seemed happy to continue his career elsewhere.

“A new beginning for him, a new thing,” said Darius Sly. “I’m looking forward to her to see what he’ll do. I don’t want him to be good the second week (when the Eagles are hosting the Vikings). He can be good every two weeks after that though.”

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