Jaws in 3D Review: Excellent Steven Spielberg Reissue

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Such as summer movie season To its end, few ever blockbuster movies have returned to theaters. One Only from last year But the other is the original. the first. Perhaps the best of the best. The classic 1975 film by Steven Spielberg, jaws.

jaws On the big screen alone is a great experience. John Williams’ Academy Award winning score says no to fear. Spielberg’s witty direction pushes you to the edge of your seat. Watching the movie on the big screen itself is worth the cost a ticket. But this weekend isn’t just a reissue. Spielberg himself approved a 3D rendering of the movie and if that piqued your interest in any way, it’s totally worth your time.

Caught io9 scans jaws In Real D 3D last week which is really excellent. Which, we totally admit, has a lot to do with how cool it is jaws remains. It’s a movie that you can watch over and over and find new things to admire. newances on offers. Foreshadowing in the film industry. But in 3D, many of its marvels have to do with Bill Butler’s cinematography.

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Jaws are coming for Hopper and Quint.
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Unlike in 1983 Jaws 3DThe third movie in the franchise that was shot with 3D in mind, jaws In 3D it’s not all about things that fly off the screen. Instead, it’s a more refined and immersive experience. Butler’s compositions have been disassembled almost like one Exploded chart stickers. Each piece of the frame is stretched from front to back making it feel like you’re looking out of a window and not at a flat screen.

Immediately, you’ll notice how many shots in the movie are configured to give the world depth and scope. Brody wanders the city, buildings and crowds stretching into the horizon. Fishermen run on a pier with a railing At the top, the people behind it, and the moon in the background so clear you can almost touch it. Even when watching the characters during dinner, the 3D rendering makes everything look more realistic and personal.

But the best 3D scenes happen in the water—wie, being freaking jawsIt happens a lot. When The camera frames the water at eye level, and the stage almost becomes an aquarium. What do I mean by that? Well, imagine that you are holding a basin of water in your hands and moving it left and right. How water rises to the sides of the structure but does not tilt outward. It is restrained but beautiful. And that’s what jaws Feel like in those scenes. The water looks like it wants to pour into the theatre. These scenes are all throughout the movie. Any time people are at the beach in the first half, and of course when Quint, Brody and Hooper get out into the water in the second half.

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As one might expect, 3D effects are once better jaws The three men become on the water. You can get the aforementioned aquarium effect sometimes but the angles are on Quint’s orca The boat is what really shines. When the captain dangles from the bow of the boat, you can see how vulnerable he is, and you feel his vulnerability. When Brody climbs up the mast, there’s an added fear of heights above the fear of killer sharks. And when those yellow barrels pop up at the front of the frame, no matter how far back the boat looks, it’s never enough.

This weekend, you can see 11 extra minutes of spider-manWatch The New movie from George Milleror re-visit Top Gun: Maverick For the fifth time. All are solid options. But if you like Steven Spielberg and/or jawsSeeing it in 3D is a totally satisfying and worthwhile experience.

jaws Real D 3D opens in select theaters on Fridays for one week only to start. Head here for showtimes and tickets. (It also opens this weekend at IMAX, And it’s not 3D but it should be cool too.)

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