You may have missed all the Elden Ring rare weapons

Standing next to a bloodied corpse is an Elden Ring, probably wondering what happened.

What do you mean by ‘0.5 percent rate drop’?!
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elden ring full of gear. From curved blades to mighty armor, along with the full armor set Put on your faded clothes like a werewolf knightThere is no shortage of equipment to reach the lands in between. But while it’s easy to find some things scattered around the beautiful desolate world of FromSoftware, perhaps picked up from a fallen boss or buried in a random box, others can take hours upon hours to get them. So, we figured we will help you by listing some of the rarest weapons in the game and how to get them.

Like other Soulsborne games, elden ring It has drop rates for enemies, which means that you can often use what your opponents are doing. This statistic, It is largely based on random number generators, makes getting items boring as hell due to the unpredictability of the odds of that equipment appearing. If there is such a thing as common dagger, has a high fall rate, you are more likely to find it either around the lands in between or on a dead enemy. However, since some weapons have drop rates as low as 0.5 percent, you’ll likely spend a few hours farming for them if you want to get them. That sounds bad, but there are ways to increase your fall rate, including leveling up Discovery Statistics Via mystical and equipment items the drop rate of the item is doubled.

You should raise this drop rate

Detection is the trait you’ll want to pay attention to if you’re farming hard-to-obtain weapons. Statistics that literally affect the chances of finding equipment in enemy corpses, discovery starts at 100 points. Yes, you can roam the lands between this baseline, but you can put runes in them Mysterious skill Increases the detection statistic, which increases your drop rate. Moreover, you can equip Silver scarab And the Silver Tear Mask, both increase your mystery skill (and thus increase the discovery stat) and increase your chances of dropping items. If that is not enough, you can also use files Silver pickled chicken feet Increases the detection statistic and improves the drop rate of this item for three minutes. Now, it’s time to find shit.

So, however, there are four rare elden ring Weapons with the lowest drop rates.

Small dagger

First, with a 0.5 percent drop rate, it is Priest’s sickle. This dagger doesn’t deal much damage, with a physical attack rate of only 79 points, but what makes this weapon special – no matter how rare it is – is its passive skill. Each successful hit earns you 10 runes. make sure it’s Quick move weapon skill, an action that allows you to avoid damage by evading the road, which is great and comes in handy during fierce battles with multiple enemies. However, nothing can compare to the fact that just attacking enemies in the lands between the two makes you richer. Good feeling, man.

To get this, you will need to travel to Dominola, the village of the mill, a flowery site in the Atlas plateau inhabited by the fearsome dancing clergy. There is aggression in the village Clad in tattered blue robes holding a dagger, these are the only two aggressions worth killing here. You can fight other sects, that’s possible drop either priest cleaver or celebrant ribbut it’s the dagger you want for rune winnings. (It’s worth noting that other Celebrant weapons also give you runes.) While the celebrant’s machete has a 0.5 percent drop rate, which means you’ll spend some time planting for it, there’s a campground outpost in front of the outpost. So, all you have to do is hit that location of grace, kill the two blue-robed sects, and repeat until you get it.

Hot sword made of magma

Next is magma blade, which is a curved sword with a one percent drop. It’s not that powerful, and only deals 96 points of physical attack damage. However, the trivial attack stats consist of the Sword’s Sparkling Weapon skill: the magma shower, which spews huge pools of lava onto the ground to cause continuous fires of damage to the enemy. This alone makes it a very useful weapon to have, even if it’s a bit troublesome to fight.

You have to make your way to The volcano volcano palace scary legacy To find this blade. After you are transported to a site filled with lava and make your way to the site of blessing in the Iglai Temple, you just have to search for these serpent men with the glowing sword in their right hand. Human snakes aren’t particularly challenging, but because they carry a Magma Blade, they also benefit from the Magma Shower’s weapon skill. So be careful when you fight them lest you get burned. And again, if you don’t get Magma Blade in the first few attempts, all you have to do is reappear at the Site of Grace and try, try, and try again.

A set of two swords for one of the noble swords

finally, Nobel Foundation And the Slim Nobel Sword Two weapons can be found in the same area, but since they both have a drop rate of 0.5%, you are likely to find one before the other. Starting with Noble’s Estoc, this thrust sword deals 104 physical attack damage and comes paired with the Impaling Thrust Lung Weapon skill. Moving forward, the Nobel’s slender sword is the longest straight sword in the elden ring, has a physical attack damage stat of 101 points, and is equipped with the Quick Off Square Weapon skill. In truth, both weapons are average, but it’s their low drop rate that makes them something of a collector’s item.

To get these swords, you have to go back to them limgrave. Yes, that’s right, you will return to the early areas to grow these weapons. There are other places to find them, like Raya Lukaria Academy Heritage Dungeon or Caelid’s Frustrated Zonebut the waypoint ruins It is the best place for farming. Away from this location of grace is a chariot pulled by a troll with some Godric’s soldiers and nobles roaming behind it. As you may have guessed from the names of the weapons, the nobles are the ones to kill here and that’s it. So, hit their butts, collect what they drop, and repeat this process until you get the blades. It will take some time, so be prepared.

This is just a small piece of rare weapon that you can find elden ring. There are plenty of other things you can add to your bag, including Gilmer Glintstone crew And the Guarding the great order. Keep your eyes peeled as you navigate the lands in between. You never know what you will encounter.

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