Jason Pinnock lands with the Giants hours after being released by the Jets

Jason Pinnock’s story had a happy ending like the one that begins with the can cutting. Not only did it take hours for security to find their next NFL stop, but this one is only 30 miles down the road from the previous one.

Around noon on Wednesday, Pinnock texted his father, Lewis, to say he was going from Jets to Giants.

“He was thrilled with it,” Louis Pinnock told The Post in a phone call. “He was happy with that as much as he is the type of person, and he will always make better use of the situation. You can’t dwell on things you can’t change. So that’s what he is and he’s getting ready to play ball. That’s what he wants to do.”

Pinnock’s cut by the Jets came as a surprise. Coach Robert Saleh praised him throughout the training camp, and the sophomore successfully moved from a corner kick to safety at the team’s request.

Cornerback Jason Pinnock got a pass while training at Jets training camp.
Bill Costron/New York Post

There are no hard feelings – the family understands that this is a business. And they’re glad they can do the same drive from their home in Connecticut to watch Pinnock play this fall. Driving is a short walk of just over two hours. But that’s a lot easier than the trip Bennock ended up in another part of the country.

“At first, we didn’t even know the Giants were really interested,” said Louis Pinnock. “It didn’t even occur to us, but that actually works out to be the best case scenario in many ways. So it’s a relief because you have to move, maybe across the country, it could be anywhere, which is a lot for someone to try to uproot their whole life. .

“I mean, he would have done it and it would have made it work, but that would probably be a lot easier.”

When Louis Pinnock spoke to The Post, just hours after Jason signed, the family had already ordered blue shirts to replace their green ones. Jason grew up a Jets fan and was selected by them in the fifth round of the 2021 draft, but he and his family would quickly shake off that loyalty.

His focus will now be on breaking the giants’ crowded depth chart into safety. Pinnock will be behind Xavier McKinney, Julian Love and Dane Belton in the competition for picks, although Belton is currently dealing with a collarbone injury that could keep him out of the opener in Tennessee.

Giants coach Brian Dabol said earlier this week that he loves Pinnock’s contributions to special teams, and that he stood out when the Giants’ scouting division watched the tape.

“I just think he has some good traits that we’re looking for,” Daboll said on Wednesday. “She’s got some good speed, some volume, and can play in the kicking game. We’ll bring him in here and see what he can do in our system.”

“I think he will definitely bring some sports to the position,” said Louis Pinnock. “He’s just an intense person, he’ll pop you. He can cover up. There are just a few things, I think he brings a certain amount of skill. He can jump through the roof. So there will be some things, I think the Giants saw that.”

Louis Pinnock trained Jason at Windsor High School in the outskirts of Hartford and can attest to his football IQ as well, going so far as to say that his son could coach after his football career was over.

Of course, the hope is that there will be some time for that to happen. Pinnock still has his mark with the Giants, and his family will encourage him.

“From a family point of view, we’re totally fine with this,” said Louis Pinnock. “perfect.”

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