DAVE MUSTAINE FROM MEGADETH: “You were a really shrewd businessman’

In a new interview with AXS . TV‘s “At home and social networks”And the Dave Mustaine He said that right now it “has to be one of the proudest moments” of his career, not just because of his release metgadethsixteenth studio album, “The sick, the dying…and the dead!”, but because the band “successfully completed” all of their contracts. “We handed over our last record to worldwideWe explained, so we respected that contract and did everything that was part of it. “Same with publishing; we completed our contract with publishers and honored it and handed over everything we were supposed to do. Now, how many bands do you know in our theater, and in our case do that? They don’t. Usually they get an extension or they will have such a contract Huge in the first place with many options that they will have Start be free. You were really a smart entrepreneur and made sure that we would have a future as soon as possible.”

Back in 2013, mustine Tell Ultimate guitar That it was always important to him to maintain a high level of quality with each of them Mega album.

“I remember this guy and wouldn’t say his name, but there was a guy I was really looking forward to, really, and he wanted to get out of his record contract, so he made a record that was so crap,” he said. Dave He remembers. “He knew it, I knew it and he deceived his fans with it. I thought, ‘That’s not how I’d like to act as a businessman.'”

In the Ultimate guitar an interview, mustine He also addressed the fact that Mega It has been through a number of record companies over the years, saying, “When we initially left Capitol Building We were unhappy there because of all the management changes. We loved the label but the trend kept changing and every time a new boss came along, as an older band you kind of get kicked out onto the curb. Because they have someone they need to prove. [After that] We went to safe haven And we were really excited, and that was a disappointment. That was very shrunken. I just put my nose on the floor and go, ‘You know what?’ I won’t go back until I’m satisfied. Basically when we completed our contract with Woodpecker And we did so with dignity and respect in an industry where teams take money and work all the time, we’ve ended our contract, kept our commitment, and honored them. We are now on the other side of him and we are all better for him.”

Megaalbum 2013, “Super Collider”was the first group released via mustinenaming wantcraftDistributed through world music projects (UMe). in time, mustine Tell Craftsmen News About the band split with Woodpecker: “Obviously we were very unhappy [with Roadrunner]. But I just want to make it clear: There are a lot of great people who used to work there [for Roadrunner] That we have great relationships [with]. Unfortunately, [there was a] lack of leadership [at the label]. You can have the greatest people in the world, but if you don’t have anyone playing the middle ground on the team, you’re a loser. We tried, we canceled, we respected the contract, we fulfilled all our commitments, and when the time came, it was time to move on.”

Asked how to switch in recording labels from Woodpecker to me world music projects (UMe) affected MegaSongwriting style on “Super Collider”And the mustine Tell O2 Academy TV In a 2013 interview: “I think it affected the album’s sound, the style of the music, the aspirations of the band. I mean, no offense Woodpecker – They did what they did – but we are a big branded band. And when we left Capitol Building To go to safe haven, was for two reasons. One, I hated that master record [Capitol] It was at that time, two, safe haven He made a lot of big promises. And you know, when you think of [IRON MAIDEN‘s manager] Rod Smallwoodwho had a lot to do with the mark, this iron maidAnd I love iron maid, so I thought, “Sure, that would be great.” Well, it didn’t end up being cool, because Stick He wasn’t involved in it as much as my brain would like to believe. and we left safe haven and went to WoodpeckerAnd it went on like this [makes downward motion with his hand]. And I thought, I’m not going to save the contract, I’m not going to be a scam musician like many musicians who stick to contracts and break up and leave everyone holding the ball. I thought, “I’ll honor the contract, I’ll finish it, and then when it’s over, I’ll say goodbye like a gentleman.” And I did, and worldwide Came to the picture. I mean, think about this; This is so amazing. [Universal is] Biggest name they own Capitol Records It contains almost all of my catalog; they bought EMI Publishing This owns all my publishing. So you’re a new record company… Not exactly new, but for us… we have a new brand, a new record… Oh, by the way, I own all your past lives. I was, like, ‘Who could have arranged something so cool?’

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