Laurence Fox finds a role equal to his talent: Breitbart’s biopic of Hunter Biden

IThis has been repeated so much since it was coined into the 2004 film Mean Girls that it may have become an overused wording. But in the case of Donald Trump, his supporters, the New York Post, and their efforts to discredit Joe Biden via his son Hunter, it seems especially fitting: Guys, stop trying to make Hunter Biden conspiracy theories happen.

The latest tweak in the campaign to make the missing Hunter laptop, Hillary’s new emails, may, at least, bring a moment of joy to the rest of us. Available for download as of September 7, My Son Hunter is a piece of political porn dedicated to moving the wildest parties of Trump chatroom banter. To enjoy it, simply submit your email address to Breitbart News, the far-right internet platform that distributes the movie. For those who don’t want to see their names on that particular list, I can assure you that the trailer, which was dropped last week, is more than you need.

The invitation paper is an absolute peach. The film is directed by Robert Davey, who played a villain in the Goonies and includes his previous political work as director of “Demon Sheep,” an attack ad featuring the demonic cattle that helped Carly Fiorina lose to Barbara Boxer in the 2010 California Senate race.

The script is by Brian Godawa, who, two years ago, wrote the confusingly written ObamaGate Movie about a “deep state plot to undermine the Trump nomination,” and has also written biblical novels with titles like Psalm 82 and Judgment: The Rage of a Pregnancy. Actor John James (Dynasty, Colbys, ObamaGate Movie) plays Biden, and Gina Carano – a former Mandalorian cast member, who was fired from the franchise last year for making statements on social media denouncing mask-wearing and comparing the treatment of the present. – Republican Jews’ Day during the Holocaust – She appears as a Secret Service agent trying to save her country from Biden.

However, these gifts are all secondary to Britain’s choice of Lawrence Fox as Hunter Biden. To enjoy the full impact of this, we need to take a moment exclusively to address American readers. It is difficult to explain Fox’s unique role in British national life to the uninitiated: an actor who has appeared in a popular detective show for years without disturbing the public imagination, Fox inserted himself into the discourse with a range of striking opinions that can largely be summed up as a defense of the poorest The underdogs of our time: the straight white man.

Credit where it’s due: Fox did very well, 20 years ago, as a 5th lead at Gosford Park. But as the child of actor James Fox and nephew of actor Edward Fox, Lawrence can be pictured regarding his family’s acting dynasty as a sort of British Stephen Baldwin, built just like asparagus and hollowed out cheeks as in any painting. by Edvard Munch.

In 2020, his clients dropped him after calling him a “white privileged man” a “racist,” and he was proven fond of the phrase All Lives Matter. Last year, he founded the Reclaim party to “fight extreme political correctness”, and ran for mayor of London in 2021, a bogus nomination like Marianne “whom anyone has tried to fix with America.” crystals And bee pollen? Williamson ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2019, if a good deal less attractive. Fox lost his £10,000 deposit after receiving just 1.9% of the vote.

I got the idea – mainly, that in My Son Hunter Laurence Fox finally found material equal to his talents. For British readers, meanwhile, there may be some catching up on the topic of Hunter Biden and the internet. There isn’t enough time in the world to fully describe all that has emerged from this tumultuous hell, but in a nutshell: My Son Biden’s source is what the New York Post calls Hunter Biden’s laptop probe, a series of stories about it. A substance was found on a laptop in a Delaware repair shop, which was reported by the mail to show links between Hunter Biden and several Ukrainian and Chinese energy companies, as well as some sexual stuff I still couldn’t figure out. Stories about the laptop were suppressed by tech companies in the run-up to the election even though some of them were true, which is why Trump on his Truth Social called it a “laptop from the hood of hell.” But it has also given rise to a world of conspiracy theories and speculation, linking Joe Biden to Hunter’s dealings in ways that have never been proven.

Despite being a perennial Republican talking point, the story didn’t get much real-life appeal outside of the Fox News ecosystem. Hence the need to make My Son Hunter, the main search terms that, based on trailer strength, should be “berth” and “underpants”, and “Lozza Fox” to improve critical international revenue streams. We can’t help but raise a trophy to all of them, wish them all the best online premieres next week, and hopefully the movie gets the audience it deserves.

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