Armie Hammer’s aunt says she was not shocked when he was accused of sexual assault: ‘Don’t you wake up one day and become a monster’

  • Armie Hammer’s aunt said she was not surprised to learn that he was accused of sexual assault.
  • She claimed that generations of men in the family were mentally, physically and sexually abusive.
  • A new documentary series from Discovery+ premieres September 2, detailing Casey Hammer’s allegations against her family.

Armie Hammer’s aunt says she was not shocked when he was accused of sexual assault.

Speaking to Insider, Casey Hammer described years of abuse she says she faced as the sole heir to the Hammer family’s oil fortune.

“To be honest with you, I wasn’t really surprised or shocked,” Casey Hammer told Insider about the sexual assault allegations against Armie Hammer that began to surface in January 2021.

“You don’t wake up one day and be a monster,” Casey Hammer said. “It’s a learned behavior and again, that’s why I wasn’t shocked by much of what was going on.

“House of Hammer,” a new documentary series premiering September 2 on Discovery+, details generations of abuse allegedly committed by men of the Hammer dynasty. Casey Hammer said she signed up to the “Raising Victims and Holding Men Accountable” project.

Casey Hammer said that when the accusations against her nephew began, she was sad because media reports focused on the hateful allegations of cannibals, not the victims.

“Really, the focus should have been on them and not making a joke of the accused,” she told Insider.

Armie Hammer’s attorneys did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Allegations of misconduct and abuse against Armie Hammer

In January 2021, an Instagram account called @houseofeffie began sharing screenshots of messages claiming to be from Armie Hammer.

The messages, which have not been verified by the media including Insider, detail fantasies including blood drinking, sexual control, and even acts of cannibalism.

@houseofeffie went on to share other stories allegedly from different women, who said they came forward with their own experiences and screenshots of their conversations with Hammer.

The allegations continued to flow and by May 2021, Armie Hammer was admitted to a treatment center for substance abuse and sexual issues.

That same year, the Los Angeles Police Department launched a nine-month investigation into allegations against Armie Hammer.

His aunt claimed that the hammers were serial aggressors

When Armie Hammer was born, Casey Hammer said he was like “Prince.”

“He was the heir apparent,” she told Insider. “He was next in line after my brother.” “It was one of those things where the men in the family…could do no wrong.”

In “House of Hammer,” Casey Hammer said that Armie Hammer was smitten by his family as next in the family fortune line.

In the second episode of the three-part series, Casey Hammer details alleged abuses dating back to her grandfather, Occidental Petroleum’s billionaire CEO Armand Hammer.

Casey Hammer claimed that Armand Hammer – and the next three generations of Hammer’s men including her father Julius Hammer; her brother Michael Hammer; and her nephew, Armie Hammer – they were both sexually, physically and mentally abusive.

“It’s crazy what was happening behind closed doors, as opposed to what’s happening in public,” Casey Hammer said.

Casey Hammer details memories of her father beating her mother and her grandfather emotionally abusing the men and women around him.

Casey Hammer told Insider that she remembered being 12 years old and holding a phone book to protect herself when her father shot her.

She claimed that her father carried a 357 Magnum to her temple to see if she was possessed by aliens.

She said mental abuse has never been easier to deal with.

“A lot of what people focus on is sexual abuse, physical, which is horrible. But mental abuse is also a big component because it’s like mind control. It’s like brainwashing. And the scars are so deep. And it’s something you live with for the rest of your life,” said Casey Hammer. .

She said that when the family was together, they all had to pretend they loved each other and act as if the abuse hadn’t happened.

“It was always in public,” Casey Hammer said of family gatherings. “It was always what my grandfather wanted to photograph. We had to be picture perfect. Picture was everything to him.”

She added that she claims Armand Hammer “controls the narrative of their ‘life,’ and if I ever get it wrong, there will be repercussions, there have been threats, there have been punishment, and there have been cuts.”

She said the rest of the family – she, Michael, Armie and his brother Victor – aren’t in close contact anymore.

“We’d better go our separate ways,” Casey Hammer said.

She added that growing up without social media spoiled her vision of how family life was supposed to be.

“You just think that’s how rich people act,” she continued. ”

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