The Eagles name Horts and 6 other captains for 2022

Al-Nusour announced seven captains for the 2022 season, according to the players’ vote:

• Galen Hurts

• Jason Kelsey

• Lynn Johnson

• Brandon Graham

• Fletcher Cox

• slaying Darius

• Jake Elliott

Last season for Doug Pederson as head coach, he withdrew the vote from the players and appointed himself captain. Nick Siriani in his first year as a coach allowed players to vote. This is what happened again in the second year.

Galen Hurts: The 24-year-old is captain for the second consecutive season. No surprise. He is a key midfielder and also has some natural leadership abilities. Players began to gravitate towards Hurts even when he was back up as a rookie in 2020. He is the youngest of the Seven Eagles captains.

Jason Kelsey: The 34-year-old Center is captain for the fifth consecutive season as he enters his twelfth season in the NFL. Kelce has just returned from an elbow injury/surgery and is expected to be ready for the inaugural season in Detroit on September 11th.

Lynn Johnson: For whatever reason, the Eagles only had two attack leaders last year. They added Johnson to the mix in 2022. The veteran’s right tackle finally looks perfectly sound and is spurred by the absence of the Pro Bowl in 2021.

Fletcher Cox: Like Kelce, this is Cox’s fifth consecutive season as a captain on this team. And like Kelsey, there’s also a chance this could be Cox’s last season with the Eagles. He’s playing the 2022 season with a one-year deal worth $14 million. Cox recently said he took some time to appreciate everything a little more this summer.

Brandon Graham: Another recurring captain, Graham has been honored four times in the past six seasons. Graham, like Kelsey, is 34 and he’s coming off an Achilles injury that ended the 2021 season too early. But Graham looked healthy in training camp and the Eagles hope he will continue to do so. This year will be Graham’s thirteenth season with the Eagles. He is the longest-lived athlete in town.

slay Darius: The Eagles allowed Rodney MacLeod to run in free agency and Sly took his place as captain. Slay is entering his third season with the Eagles and it was announced at Cornerback. But he was also a leader. Slay has always been happy to help the young players on both sides of the ball and it’s a huge honor for him.

Jake Elliott: Kicker Eagles are coming off their best professional season and Pro Bowl honors. Last season’s Eagles special captain was Alex Singleton, who walked as a free agent.

Here’s a look back at the captains year after year since the Eagles started naming them in 2017:

2017: Carson Wentz, Jason Peters, Malcolm Jenkins, Brandon Graham, Chris Maragos

2018: Carson Wentz, Jason Kelsey, Malcolm Jenkins, Fletcher Cox, Camu Groger-Hill

2019: Carson Wentz, Jason Kelsey, Malcolm Jenkins, Fletcher Cox, Camus Groger-Hill / Duke Riley

2020: Carson Wentz, Jason Kelsey, Jason Peters, Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, Rodney McLeod, Duke Riley, Craig James

2021: Galen Hurts, Jason Kelsey, Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, Rodney McLeod, Alex Singleton

2022: Galen Hurts, Jason Kelsey, Lynne Johnson, Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, Darius Sly, Jake Elliott

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