Hype big prospects: Henderson, Brown, Peraza, Steer, Aranda

It’s the September call issue of Big Hype Prospects. Steve Adams and Anthony Franco of MLBTR Already highlighted the initial promotions for each club. We’ll use this list to focus on the most interesting inclusions and feeds.

Five big hype prospects

Gunnar Henderson, 21, SS/3B, BAL (MLB)
8 PA, 1 HR, 1 SB, .375/.375/.750

Two games into his MLS debut, Henderson has already made a bunch of highlights In the fieldAnd the in the plateAnd the On the corridors of the base. The legend will only grow. The Orioles’ second potential general to be promoted this season, Henderson’s arrival could help catalyze the club to a post-season berth. Of all the players promoted by the contenders, he has the most impactful potential. While most of the clubs associated with the playoffs feature relatively complete rosters, Baltimore has started regularly Rougned . scent (406 PA, 0.1 fWAR). Additionally, third baseman Ramon Urias (2.0 fWAR) hasn’t hit much since late July. Henderson’s work on the field mix should prove to be net positive in September even if he has had some growing pains along the way. He started one match in third and short position.

Hunter Brown, 24, SP, HOU (MLB)
(AAA) 106 IP, 11.38 K/9, 3.82 BB/9, 2.55 ERA

according to the severity Justin Verlander Calf stress, Brown may be drawing a start or three down the stretch this season. Initially, he will be employed outside the workplace with him Christian Xavier Back to the spin at Verlander’s spot.

This season, Brown has successfully built a decent campaign for 2021 in which long-standing driving issues have led to muted results. Regardless of his future role, things should play out. The right arm features a high velocity of the fast ball and a pair of powerful balls to break. The curve pairs well with its own heater. A Shooter Exploration Report is never complete without a comment about the change ‘which is still in development’. Successful players like Spencer Strider It proposes a change or even a third offer of any kind which should not be considered a requirement. If Brown does eventually scramble as a rookie, it will be more due to his lack of drive than his ammunition.

One strange wrinkle: Brown has averaged a 54.2 per cent globe-trotting this season. This is roughly in line with previous performances. What makes it weird is the way the fastball’s curved tunnel fits together in a volleyball shape. I will be watching closely to get a better understanding of how his ammo is being used.

Oswald Peraza, 22, SS, New York (MLB)
(AAA) 429 PA, 19 HR, 33 SB, .259/ .329/ .448

As expected, the Yankees chose to give Peraza his first taste of the Majors. Many Yankees fans were asking for it Anthony Volpi To jump Peraza straight from Double-A. Peraza profiles as a fairly classic short stop. Defensively, he’s smooth and athletic. In an era filled with massive short points posting mostly positive defensive metrics due to positioning, Peraza should comfortably emerge as a quality defender.

Hitting him is still a work in progress. The person full of imagination in between will surely notice the excellent combination of strength and speed. However, there is likely to be a deeper problem with his triple slash. His plate discipline and sense of connection to him weren’t as effective as many had hoped. He’s still very young and can definitely go on to make gains in those areas. Early in his career, he expected major league bowlers to prey on his desire to expand his strike zone.

Spencer Steer, 24, 2B/3B, CIN (MLB)
(AA/AAA) 492 PA, 23 HR, 4 SB, .274/.364/.515

One of the players selected by the Reds in the trading deadline of the Twins, Steer is poised to fill the role of daily utility in Cincinnati for the next half-decade or more. He provided a glimpse into being an excellent fit for the Great American Ballpark. While he’s probably hit too many grounds since joining the Reds, he’s historically leaned toward contact volleyball. His raw strength is a little off for his volleyball-pulled profile, but GABP is often the gift that keeps giving to volleyball hitters. No matter how his ball slate eventually shakes up, he has enough discipline and communication ability to stay in the big balls. He may never be an all-star, but he looks like someone who should have an arranged career.

Jonathan Aranda, 24, 1B/2B, TBR (MLB)
(AAA) 465 PA, 18 Hours, 4 SB, .318/.394/.521

Aranda isn’t really considered one of the best prospects because of the physical traits that a Scout can hardly accept. However, he developed a sense of dropping the ball. It’s no better than the league average from a raw power perspective, maybe even minus, but it makes up for it with a lofty contact-driven BABIP and healthy HR/FB ratio. It’s not a conventional possibility because it’s small for first base and doesn’t really have enough fleet to fulfill the role of escort. He has to play bat, however, and the Rays are just the right institution to know how to squeeze him into the lineup without any adverse effects. with Brandon Lowe Back on the hit list, Aranda could jump between second base and designated hitter. He also has little left field experience.

five more

Ken Waldichuk, OK (24): Waldichuk debuted on Thursday. His driving problems were quite evident even as the National hitters were visibly uncomfortable. Washington’s crime is best thought of as a quadruple A. We’ll see how Waldichuk takes on real opponents of MLS caliber later this month.

Spencer Turkelson, D.E.T. (23): It’s no longer a technical possibility as he made 298 appearances earlier in the season, yet Torkelson is still a development piece. If one looks for the positives, Torkelson has done particularly well in Triple-A in 58 board appearances since mid-August. On the whole, he posted a mediocre 100 wRC+ in 155 Triple A board appearances – hardly the inspiration for one of the previous top 10 prospects. He’s back in the big league squad tonight.

Josh Jung, Tex (24): Perhaps his most famous hit, Jung crushed the Triple-A throw in 83 board appearances. Rangers uses guard language When talking about when they are going to promote their best potential client. Now I am inclined to believe that they intend to delay promoting him until next season. While it’s certainly plausible that they want another year of club control for Jung, it’s not exactly…a young man. It’s also reasonable for the Rangers to legitimately believe that staying on Triple-A would be better for Jung’s health and development.

Estori Ruiz, MIL (23): distance Josh Hader Trade, many (including me) thought Ruiz would immediately join the Brewers offshore mix. Then, as they consistently overtaken him even as the major league club stumbled at NL Central, it became clear that they didn’t think he could improve his business. Tyrone TaylorAnd the Jonathan Davis, Garrett Mitchell, and others of questionable benefit. It can often come in handy as a disc runner and defensive alternative. Notably, Ruiz has not recovered since June 15, although he continues to run with self-confidence.

Triston Homes, BOS, (22): Denied Another list expansion, Casas has hit .300/.410/.515 since returning to Triple-A on July 22. He has 11 doubles, threes, and five home runs over the same period. While it appears ready for the big league and a clear upgrade over the existing Red Sox first base mix, the Red Sox appears hesitant about how to approach the Casas. They may be vying for the extra season to dominate the club, or they may just delay making a decision.

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