For the second time in two hours, the Eagles unload a high set of the 2020 draft

Previously released The Eagles 3research and development–Davion Taylor picked Wednesday to make way for quarterback Ian Book, who were given concessions earlier in the day from the Saints.

Taylor, who played well last year in six games, struggled throughout the run-up to this season and especially in the pre-season final against Dolphins, when he played 40 catches but had a tough time tackling and covering.

It was a shocking dip for Taylor, who entered training camp in a battle to play time with newcomer Keizer White at the heart of the weak full-back. But he has never been able to reclaim the playmaking he showed last year and ends up having one of the most surprising cuts of pre-season.

Taylor, 24, became the first Eagles 3research and development– Picking those who haven’t reached their third season since 2010 Daniel Teo Neshem, a defensive end from Washington, picked. Te’o-Nesheim has only been here for one year.

The Eagles made Taylor out of Colorado in the third round despite his very limited footballing experience. He was not allowed to play high school football due to his family’s religious beliefs and after a year of college football, he only played two seasons in Colorado.

Taylor played 12 games as a rookie, almost exclusively on special teams, but he showed plenty of promise last year in six games after replacing Alex Singleton in the starting lineup.

He had 26 tackles, two forced stumbles and a tackle to lose in that stretch that ran from the Bucs to the Saints game before his season ended with a knee injury.

With Taylor’s departure, the Eagles have four players left off the ball – Wyatt, Nacube Dean and Sean Bradley can play at the weak center back, and TJ Edwards and Dean can play at the center.

Taylor is the second member of the 2020 enlistment class that the Eagles offloaded on Wednesday. Earlier in the day they traded 1Street-Choose Galen Regor for the Vikings. On Tuesday, they released 5The tenth-Choose John Hightower.

The rest of that draft 2second abbreviation-Choice of Galen Hurts, as well as K’Von Wallace and Jack Driscoll (4The tenth round), Bradley (6The tenth round) and Quiz Watkins (6The tenth circular).

So the Eagles have more players left from the last two rounds of the 2020 Draft (two) than the first three rounds (one).

Eagles have only three of the previous threeresearch and development– Round picks left on the list – choose 2016 Isaac Seumalo, last year 3research and developmentRound pick, defensive tackle Milton Williams, and pick of the year, Dean.

The 2020 draft became the first for the Eagles since 1954 in which 1Street– and 3research and developmentShe made both tour picks prior to her third season with the team. In 1954, the Notre Dame Eagles drafted Notre Dame defender Neil Worden in the first round and blocked Nebraska attacker Ted Connor in the third round. Worden played two years with the Eagles and Connor never played in the NFL.

As a third-year player, Taylor is undergoing the NFL’s waiver claim process. If no team claims him by Thursday noon, he becomes an unrestricted free agent, free to sign with any other team.

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