Kylie Jenner clapped again after she was accused of copying other TikTok users for trying to appear related

Since the birth of her second child in February, it has been widely assumed that billionaire Kylie Jenner is trying to rebrand herself as a related mom like any other 25-year-old girl on social media.

The shift in how she presented herself online was reminiscent of the “King Kylie” era – the period between 2014 and 2017 when the star was truly seen as one of our most popular celebrities.

Before she became the savvy business mogul we know today, the youngest of the KarJenner sisters used her public profile using an online pseudonym that saw her do normal teenage things like prank her family and experiment with her hair and makeup.

Despite her ever-increasing fame and fortune, Kylie has expertly managed to maintain an air of normalcy around her social media posts, but as she became more successful and moved to the top of Forbes’ list of the billionaires, King Kylie’s personality began to fade.

By the time her daughter Stormi was born in 2018, Kylie had largely fallen out of the public eye by taking a step back from her social media accounts and significantly reducing her appearances on her family’s reality show.

The new focus seemed to be on Kylie as an entrepreneur, as her various brands went from strength to strength.

But when her son, whose name she hasn’t yet revealed, was born earlier this year, fans started seeing a glimmer of old Kylie as she returned to social media and started showing off a more open and authentic personality.

In TikTok videos posted in recent months, Kylie showed off her culinary skills, made fun of her sister Kendall Jenner, and regularly showed off her adorable mother and daughter with Stormi.

It has even switched to a less creative approach when it comes to communicating its products, swapping out glossy photo shoots and aesthetically pleasing Instagram photos with candid videos.

This came to light when she promoted her new range of lip glosses on TikTok over the weekend. In the short clip, Kylie filmed the product in her hand as she walked to her car.

Once in the car, Kylie yelled as she dropped her phone and laughed, “Ah, oh shit!” before watching the video.

After putting everything in place while fixing her hair, Kylie casually told viewers, “Okay, that’s even better,” as she began selling her four new glitter shades she was advertising.

But her followers did not buy it. Kylie’s decision to include the moment she dropped her phone in the final edit of TikTok raised eyebrows, as did her choice to talk about products while sitting in her car.

People in the comments were quick to point out that this is a normal trope on TikTok from regular content creators because they often shoot their videos during breaks from work, which means their car offers them privacy that is impossible to film.

In other cases, the creators will have just purchased the product they’re reviewing from the store, so shoot the video before driving home.

As a result, Kylie has been called out for being non-genuine and trying to copy other non-billionaire TikTok users in an effort to appear more relatable.

One person commented ‘Have you just walked out of the palace to get in your car like you went to the store and couldn’t wait to try it out’. Another joked: “How to be connected: Step one: Get into the car, Step Two: Drop the phone. That’s it 😀”

TikTok userPlasticChandler broke down the speech when he put together a video of Kylie adding his own thoughts to the conversation.

Chandler, cautioning that he “has no reason to talk about this” because he is not an expert in publicity, explained: “I think it’s very interesting when you watch this video, it’s very coordinated with the style of the influencer and not Kylie Jenner.”

“Like, this is something Emma Chamberlain will post,” he continued. “And I think it’s interesting because, like you’re a billionaire, girl – why do you revise your lip kits when you live in a multi-million dollar house?”

“You didn’t just go to the store and pick it up, you didn’t come home from somewhere and get it from your mailbox. It was very intentional to go to your car to film it, and dropping the phone was kind of embarrassing,” Chandler added.

The TikTok creator then explained that celebrities are starting to copy regular, famous people on the app so they can learn to get to know them more relativly.

“These people didn’t lead normal lives at all,” Chandler said. “And it’s not hate on them, it’s not their thing. But they have to find those people who have gained popularity from being somewhat normal and then they take that character and their traits and what they do so that they can make videos like that and look normal enough that they can communicate With us “.

He concluded by saying, “Because they are billionaires.” “It’s not something Kylie Jenner does naturally. I promise she’s not just sitting in her car.”

Chandler’s video quickly gained traction, with most viewers approving of his stance in the comments. One person quoted another user as writing: “Someone said ‘Kylie are sitting in our cars because we’re on lunch breaks. “

Another wrote, “The thought of her getting into her car just to film that tiktok and then getting out right after that is just so funny.” Another person said, “Even their ‘authenticity’ is shaped a lot.”

But when the video surfaced on Kylie’s radar, she decided to clap again because she insisted her post wasn’t “that deep.”

“It’s not really that deep or calculated,” she commented on Chandler’s TikTok. “This video took me 5 minutes. And yes I still drive and do normal things 🤣.”

Chandler initially expressed shock at Kylie’s response because he shared a comedy video of him spending his workday knowing she got hung up, but later resorted to muting her name after her fans targeted him.

At the same time, he made it clear that he is a true fan of Kylie and was a passionate viewer of Kylie’s keeping up with the KardashiansBut he was simply commenting on the marketing tactics that he thought were at play.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time Kylie has been accused of carefully nurturing her affair, as the former TikTok who documented her trip to Target was labeled “damage control” when she posted it after her trips were too short. on her private plane.

It was also pointed out that the store appeared empty during her shopping trip with her daughter and nieces, indicating that she went after hours rather than regular customers.

She and her mother, Kris Jenner, also sparked a backlash during this year’s premiere season Kardashians When the whole story revolves around their enthusiasm to go to the supermarket.

Kylie and Chris went on to compare pumping gas and a car wash to “Disneyland,” with disgruntled viewers claiming the scenes were evidence of how “disconnected” from the real world was.

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