Chicago Med Bus talk [Spoiler]A surprise return in the eighth season premiere

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Wednesday Chicago Med the first show. Proceed at your own risk!

Chicago Med Viewers coped with a comeback A familiar face during the season 8 premiere on Wednesday, when Ethan found his ex-wife April (former series Yaya Dacosta) paying respect to his deceased father at his burial site. After getting over their mutual surprise, the two of them started to catch up. She’s a practicing nurse now in Chicago, neither of them have been married since they last saw each other, and April and Ethan have reassured each other. (You can practically feel them letting out a sigh of relief through the TV screen.)

Below, show makers Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider talk about bringing back DaCosta, who dropped out of the series at the end of season six, revealing that we haven’t seen her last character. The EPs also consider whether Ethan and April will get back together or finally end their abruptly broken romance. (In other news from #OneChicago, get the scoop at with The big exit for the premiere is here.)

TVLINE | How did the April comeback meet? Did you get in touch with Yaya as soon as, unfortunately, her series wasn’t cast on Fox for a second season?
Andrew Schneider | This was not the reason. It was an idea we had last season to bring back to Dr. Choi, and it was relatable. It wasn’t like we were waiting for her series to be cancelled. The timing suited us well.
Diane Frolov | She will return in two more episodes. She will have a great story.

TVLINE | When will we see her again after this premiere?
Frolov | Episode 5.

TVLINE | There was a lot that seemed to be lacking in closure when it came to April and Ethan. How much did that weigh you down last season as you moved into this season?
Schneider | It really comes down to wanting to honor that character.
Frolov | And as you say, to answer some of these questions and close them.

Chicago Med Yaya DacostaTVLINE | Their last sight together was April telling Ethan that she loves him and then she’s gone. I imagine Ethan has many questions on her.
Schneider | They will be answered. [Laughs]

TVLINE | The way they both asked each other if they had married and the relief on their faces was very expressive. What are their feelings for each other at this point?
Frolov | they love each other. They do. Let’s just say that. [Laughs] But it was a long journey for those characters. They’ve been through a lot, and they weren’t quite sure the last time we saw them stand up for each other. Ethan broke them up.

TVLINE | I can’t imagine just jumping into a relationship again would be easy for them both. How do April and Ethan feel about it? Are they thinking, “Let’s get back together”?
Frolov | It’s complicated, but you will definitely have an answer to this question.

TVLINE | We’ve seen what Ethan has been through and how he has grown. How has April evolved since we last saw it?
Frolov | She is more confident in herself. She was able to learn a lot.
Schneider | She’s a practicing nurse now, so she has a whole new skill set. It’s really different. She’s grown up, both professionally and emotionally, complimenting the changes in Ethan’s love life.

TVLINE | When you watched the scene with the two at the end of the premiere, what went through your minds? What emotions did you have when you watched these two people interact again?
Frolov | I was very impressed with it. They are an electric couple. They have a lot going on between them, and I thought they did a lovely job.
Schneider | It made us want to see more!

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