The Seahawks sign 12 for team practice, and do four more moves on the roster

A day after announcing their initial 53-player roster, the Seahawks made a number of other moves affecting both the active roster as well as the team’s coaching roster.

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The Seahawks earned two concessions on Tuesday at defensive end Daryl Johnson and linebacker Isaiah Dunn. Johnson was ceded by the Carolina Panthers while Dunn was ceded by the New York Jets.

Johnson was in the seventh round of the Buffalo Bills selection in 2019 and has two career sacks. Meanwhile, Dunn was a free agent not set up to sign with the Jets last year and appeared in 12 games (one start), scoring eight tackles and two break assists.

To make room for Johnson and Dunn in the 53-player roster, unpolished rising linebacker Joshua Onogyogo was waived and cornerback John Reed was put into the injured reserve. If Onujiogu clears the concessions, he can sign with the Seahawks coaching staff. Meanwhile, Reed should miss at least the first four games of Seattle’s season.

As for the coaching staff, the Seahawks signed 12 players on Wednesday afternoon. These players are:

• Bo Melton Receiver
• Receiver Kid Johnson
• JJ Arcega-Whiteside Receiver
• Offensive intervention Greg Island
Offensive intervention by Liam Ryan
• Linebacker VI Jones
Full-back Aaron Doncore
• Linebacker Tanner Musa
• Tight End Tyler Mabry
• Safety Scott Nelson
• Running Back Darwin Thompson
• Konerbach Quander Mosley

Menu notes

• Seahawks He reportedly re-contracted Justin Coleman from Nickel to the list of 53 men. The team must clear one more spot on the roster for Coleman, and the likely outcome is to put 2019 first-round defensive linebacker LJ Collier on injured reserve to start the year. Collier was dealing with an elbow injury.

• The NFL coaching teams allow 16 players, but although the Seahawks have signed 12 players on that roster, they actually have five open games. Donkor does not count towards the cap because it is part of the League’s International Player Track Program.

• Seahawks He is said to sign quarterback Sean Manion to the coaching staff. He was with Seattle in their last off-season and actually made the team’s initial 53-player roster, but was let go shortly before the season. The Seahawks currently only have two quarterbacks in the building (rookie Geno Smith and reserve Drew Lock) after ceding Jacob Eason on Wednesday. Eason is said to be signing with the Panthers’ coaching team.

• Of the 12 coaching staff signed, all but one – Mosley – were waived by the Seahawks recently, with 10 ceded on Tuesday. No other team claimed any player waived in Seattle, so they were all eligible for the Hawks’ training squad.

• The largest names in the list in the position of the recipient. Melton was one of Seattle’s two selections in the seventh inning this year and was the only member of the Seahawks’ nine-man enlistment class to be relinquished. Arcega-Whiteside is a 2019 second-round pick that Seattle acquired earlier this month from Philadelphia in exchange for cornerback Ugo Amadi.

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