Fantasy Football 2022: Six players from RB desks consider fading out in drafts

It was huge for Harris During his impressive rookie fantasy campaign when he played 171 more shots than the next closest RB With that she ranked 48th in Fantasy Score Per Chance. Coaches were already talking about reducing Harris’ workload earlier this summer, which will be easier with the debut of the rookie. Jaylyn Warren.

with Ben Roethlisberger No longer reliant on dumping and playing for a team that has one of the worst offensive streaks and quarterback positions in all of football, Harris is unlikely to justify a lofty ADP team.

Nagy is now more dangerous in the drafts with his news Recovering from a recurring foot injury.

Over-drafting is a better way to describe Mixon than a real ‘bust’, but it wouldn’t be easy for it to return value at such a high ADP while still leaving the field on dip. Mixon is a threat to score a double-digit touchdown again behind an improved Bengals offensive line (and helps to have a QB who easily led the league in the YPA), but Cincinnati Refusing to use it to pass the team back is hurting his imagination.

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Dallas Cowboys: Ezekiel Elliott

Elliott is the first to start it in decades His rushing yards per game have fallen for five consecutive seasons and has A Regarding job workload (Historically, regional bureaus have begun to show a significant decrease when 1,500 rush attempts are reached.) While Elliott’s poor production last year can partly be attributed to playing through a ripped PCL, Don’t forget it was bad Before Suffers from a knee injury.

While Dallas can still be stubborn and keep Zeke as her advantage, she is Obviously not the best choice for the team in this position.

Los Angeles Rams: Cam Akers

As impressive as Akers’ early comeback from tearing his hock last season was, he also looked like a shell of his former self while only earning a 2.6 YPC during 67 dash attempts in the playoffs. He finished last out of 105 back runs in the peak yards, exceeding expectations by a wide margin. While it’s entirely possible that Akers will return in 2022 with more blast removed from injury, History indicates that this may only be new, Unfortunately. On top of that, the Rams’ running back has not been combined for better than a target share of 12.5 percent in any of the past three seasons, and a whopping 80 percent of the team’s precipitation has come through the pass last year.

Will Cam Akers return to fictional form? (Photo by Mike Ehrman/Getty Images)

While Sean McVeigh she has He usually likes to use the feature againIt was rams Divide work with appetizers evenly among Akers And the Daryl Henderson this summer. Henderson has durability issues, but He may also be the best player on the team. Akers are already dealing with a soft tissue injury and it’s a real risk being drafted as a top 20 RB.

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Arizona Cardinals: James Conner

Connor has Long injury history He missed several matches during each season of his five-year career. While Chase Edmonds He went , Benjamin one Liked him and is expected to take over the Arizona move-back position (though not him, then the newcomer Daryl Williams).

Connor still has a nice landing potential, but Loss of work recipient He would be huge for his fictional value (he only crossed 755 flowing yards once and never hit 1,000 yards during his career). The volatile Conner is proving to be a better fictional pick when he comes out of the slump, but he’s entering 2022 with high expectations.

Baltimore Ravens: JK Dobbins

Average RB Drop in Fantasy Points per game In the season following ACL surgery, it’s been about 17 percent since 2009, and Dobbins He didn’t exactly appear in full force this summer. He’s clearly Baltimore’s best player, but he might not get close to 100 percent until the second half of the season (if not next year) and play for the Ravens who love splitting with his backs. He also has a midfielder who is able to speed up goals and target players from right-back RBs NFL down 12.9 percent since 2017.

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