Apple heard your complaint! The battery percentage indicator has been fixed in iOS 16.1 Beta 2

dynamic island. Well, now that we’re out of that way, let’s discuss a feature that Apple has added to iOS 16 and is already reviewing it due to public pressure. We’re talking about the battery percentage indicator that Apple pressed into the battery icon on the iPhone status bar. The battery percentage indicator first appeared with the iPhone 3GS in 2009 and disappeared with the introduction of the notch with the iPhone X in 2017.

Before bringing back the battery percentage indicator with iOS 16, there were only two ways to get an accurate reading of how much power is left on your iPhone. One way to achieve this was to open the Control Center by swiping down from the right edge of the screen to see the percentage of battery life remaining. The second method was to put the iOS battery widget on your home screen and this will also tell you how much battery life is left on your iPhone in terms of percentage.

Apple improves battery percentage indicator in iOS 16.1 Beta 2

despite of Apple brought back the battery percentage indicator to the iPhone status bar in iOS 16, and the design didn’t quite surprise iOS fans. This is because it only displays a number inside the battery icon to represent the percentage of battery life and frankly, it was difficult for many to read. The indicator color did not turn red until battery life reached 20% or less to cover about one fifth of the battery icon, and the red area will continue to shrink to remain consistent with the remaining percentage of battery life.

But that wasn’t exciting enough for the average iPhone user. no no no! And messages poured into CEO Tim Cook’s office (with a few likely directed at Tim Apple), asking Apple to review the battery percentage indicator to make it easier to see and make it more compelling to show. Well, guys, your letter writing campaign has paid off. Here’s the good news. With iOS 16.1 Beta 2, the new indicator app will show a black area inside the battery icon roughly equal to the percentage of battery life remaining.

If something makes sense and is presented to Apple in a certain way, the company will listen to you

As the battery percentage drops, the black area inside the icon will continue to shrink (similar to when the battery drops to 20% or less). Tweet from Federico Fezzi (Across Engadget), founder and editor-in-chief of MacStoriesNet, explains what the revised battery percentage indicator looks like in iOS 16.1 Beta 2. Not only is it easy to read, but you can also take a quick look at the icon and see your iPhone’s battery status.
Also, when you connect your phone to charge the battery, the battery percentage indicator will appear above the time. On the iPhone 14 Pro, guess where the battery percentage indicator will appear when the device is charging. Yes, I got it. Inside the dynamic island. This brings us right back to the beginning of this article. It’s funny how everything about the iPhone seems to revolve around Dynamic Island these days.

So what did you guys learn today? Well, it looks like Apple is listening to you. He won’t be bullied into making changes just for him, but if there’s a good idea that improves company pride and joy (i.e. iPhone, natch), Apple will give you its ear.

We don’t know when iOS 16.1 will be released, but if a new battery percentage indicator is what you need right now, you can sign up to join the Apple Beta Software Program by clicking on this link. Keep in mind that the Beta software is unstable which means that some of your favorite features may not work properly until the stable version of iOS 16.1 is released.

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