The launch of NEAL SCHON returns to the trademarks of STEVE PERRY In Battle Over JOURNEY

a trip guitar player neil shun Comment on the legal action taken by the former group’s singer Steve Perry against cute – good and keyboard player Jonathan Kane On trademarks to 20 of the group’s biggest hits.

cute – good And the Cainthrough their company Freedom JN LLCowns trademark registrations of many a tripThe band’s biggest success, covering the use of names on T-shirts, hoodies, and other forms of clothing, makes it easier for the band to sue someone selling these items. The US Patent and Trademark Office issued the registrations between February and May.

in his petition, Berry He claims that the trio has an agreement that requires unanimous approval of any commercial decision related to trademarks and that he did not authorize such approval. as accused cute – good And the Cain “Trademark Office fraud” by allegedly inaccurate trademark information.

BerryPetition Petition Notes: “No Partner shall authorize, approve or refuse any use or exploitation, or grant or license any rights in or to any Collective Works, in whole or in part, (including, without limitation, its titles) in relating to any product or otherwise, without the prior, unanimous written consent of all partners.”

After several publications reports on BerryLegal suit on Tuesday (September 20),cute – good On social media to focus on the issue, he wrote: “What a bunch of total bullshit.

“Here’s how it goes, friends.

John King He calls the board of directors for a meeting out of nowhere and then before I know about the meeting Jonathan He came to me and said he didn’t like it (Russians [Valory, then-JOURNEY bassist;] [Steve] Smith [then-JOURNEY drummer;] Berry And the Herbie [Herbert, former JOURNEY manager]) They were planning. in that meeting Steve Ross Smith And the Herbie I voted myself and Cain From the board of directors and Steve And they all voted Russians in my place and Smith in johns.

“They all knew at this time that I had been investigating our brands for years trying to get to the bottom of all the corruption as we (my wife and I) found that no brand was ever branded alongside our music. They all went for my take over and it didn’t work out Very simple.

“So my wife Michael Shun I found a legitimate brand attorney who wasn’t in the corrupt music circuits, and we then made it happen to protect everything we built. We broke up from the start until I shut it down.

“So the question is why didn’t[anyone else’s lawyers] Steve– Who was actually us at one time also (single band lawyers, accountants) and other so-called trademark attorneys helping us do this? It was a giant rotten ring of people hired by our manager or accountants to work for us in order to cash all our merchandise so far.

“At this point, I decided to pick all the album titles as well as the song titles. The more we learn about how there is no relationship between songwriting and trademarking.

“You haven’t heard of the last of these friends. We’ll be peeling onions again.

Neil Shawn’s Journey Lead guitarist – founder – director.

Berry was a member of a trip from 1977 to 1987 and returned to the band for another period between 1995 and 1998. cute – good He co-founded the group in 1973. Cain join a trip in 1980.

Berry reunite them a trip For the first time in years, they were introduced in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame In April 2017. The iconic singer appeared on stage with his former bandmates as they each gave speeches, but did not perform with the band later in the event.

BerryThe final full concert of a trip in early 1987. He later returned to his bandmates for a short performance in 1991 to honor the late concert promoter Bill Graham. also appeared with a trip When they got a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2005.

Back in October 2018, Berry Tell rolling rock Can’t imagine working with her cute – good In any capacity again or even re-establish their friendship.

The singer made his comments in response to NileFrequent public calls for renewed cooperation.

“I’m not sure this is possible without raising hopes of a reunion,” Berry He said. “Please listen to me. I left the band 31 years ago, my friend. You can still love someone, but not want to work with them. And if they just love you because they want to work with you, it just doesn’t feel right.”

Three and a half years ago, cute – good And the Cain involved in a legal dispute with Smith And the Valore. On March 3, 2020, cute – good And the Cain File a lawsuit against Valore And the Smithwho were members of a trip Intermittently since the band’s formation in 1973, claiming the two attempted a “coup” in order to gain control of a trip trade mark. The lawsuit seeks damages of more than $10 million Smith And the Valore From holding “inappropriate” shareholders and board meetings in February 2020 during which they were ousted Cain And the cute – good of leadership positions in Nightmare Productions Under the “incorrect” assumption that the company owns the rights to a trip Noun. Answer provided by defense attorney Valore Against the Complaint’s allegations The conflicting Complaint has attempted to oppose and refute these allegations.

In April 2021, cute – good And the Cain They reached an amicable settlement agreement with Smith And the Valore. a trip It now consists of cute – good And the Cainlong time singer Arnel Pinedadrummer This is CastronovoKeyboard player / support vocalist Jason Derlatka and guitarist Todd Jensen.

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