‘AGT’ synopsis: Simon Cowell declares one of his amazing feats the ‘best’ of the season

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Fourth round of american talents The qualifiers begin with a tap dancer Bailey Graham. He was dancing on a flight of stairs Ed Sheeran “Shape you”. Heidi Klum It refers to Bayley’s “brilliant charisma” and “brilliant showmanship”. Howie Mandel He declares, “This stage is lucky to have you.”

but, Simon Cowell Not on the same page. “I thought that was a little disappointing,” he admits. He told Bayley that his performance lacked an “amazing finish”.

Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Simon Cowell on the fourth night of the qualifiers. (NBC)

Capella Group Akapop! He returns with another original song about not being afraid of who you are. During the performance, Howie presses his red X and admits that he felt like he was at a “school meeting.” Sofia Vergara And Simon aligns with Howie’s comments. Simon told the group that the song selection wasn’t great, but that “their raw talent is incredible.”

AGT judges criticize

One of the biggest fan of Hadi and the dancing magician Janek Holst He brings fun with his latest performance. “You really are my everything,” exclaims Heidi. Simon wished there was more magic and less “horrible” dancing. No matter what happens, Jannick got the opportunity to perform in front of his idol twice.

Lee Collinson
Lee Collinson performs during the live show. (NBC)

Lee Collinson Sings a performance from the heart Lauren Spencer Smith “Flowers” in honor of his mother. While Simon would love to audition for Lee’s performance, he thinks Lee really is “over-choosing the song”. Heidi tries to soften Simon’s criticism by praising Lee’s sweet and pure voice. Sophia admits that this performance was “a little disappointing because of the song.”

ventriloquist Jack Williams He takes his business to the next level in the playoffs. Howie doesn’t think this verb is “original” as he’d like to see it. Sophia says to Jack, “I thought you were cool.” Simon calls the verb “really clever” and “the best act of a mile tonight.”

Metaphysics has been announced as the ‘best’ of season seventeen

Metaphysics astonishes rulers. (NBC)

metaphysical They raise the bar significantly with their latest performance. Metaphysics sings “Nesun Dorma” as “Simon” and “Howie” and “Terry Cruz.Simon stated that not only is this the best acting of the night, it’s “best, I think, of the series so far.” This is quite a compliment!

lazy generation The latest performance is, in short, a complete mess. Sofia even hits her red X, while Simon gives the group a standing ovation for some weird reason. Sophia says this is “not something I would ever want to see again.” Howie has one word for the performance: “nut.”

opera singer and impressionist Merissa Bedoz She starts with some opera before moving on to her impressions of Celine DionAnd the ShareAnd the Amy Lee from Evanescence. “Your voices are so amazing,” Sophia said to Merissa. Simon feels that Merissa’s character didn’t shine in her video package. He wants to know what this means to her. Merissa tells the whole room that AGT It “changed my life forever”.

Merissa Bedoz
Merissa Bedoz sings on “AGT”. (NBC)

Lili Miola is back with the original song

Nine-year-old metal singer Harper She says she wants to show a different side of herself in the playoffs. She decided to sing a metal version of the song “Bad Habits”. Heidi admits it was “cool” to watch Harper. Simon is all about Harper’s performance and loves people talking about it.

comedian Mike E. Winfield He stuns with his latest standing routine. Simon tells Mike that this is a “stellar performance” for him. “I think America will put you in the finals,” he adds. Howie calls Mike “amazing” and invites him to the opening of his show in New York if he doesn’t make it to the finals.

Heidi the golden buzzer Lily Mulla She sings her original song “The Butterfly” in a beautiful performance. Simon notes that it’s always a risk to sing an original song, but she made the “right choice” with the song “Butterfly.”

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