Windows 11 2022 Update: All the best new features to check out

Microsoft released its first major update for Windows 11 Tuesday. The update includes new security, productivity, accessibility, and gaming features. You can check out our website Detailed guide on downloading the new update.

The operating system is fast approaching its first anniversary in early October. At launch, bring a new operating system Dozens of new features For life, including the redesigned interface, widgetscan be accessed more easily Microsoft Teams experienceAnd the Multiple computers And the Capture layouts and combosBeside Android apps.

Here’s what you can check out today.

Windows 11 update makes your PC easier to use

The new Windows 11 update adds faster and more accurate search to start menu, quick settings, plus better coverage of local and current events on your dashboard. In October, Windows 11 will get the long-awaited feature – tabs in File Explorer.

Windows 11 now has more productivity tools

Windows 11 launched with features geared towards Multitasking and users who want more organization. With this new update, Snap Layouts, which neatly arranges the open Windows on your desktop, is even more versatile with improved touch navigation and the ability to capture multiple browser tabs in Microsoft Edge.

to me Reduce distractionsThe update introduces focus sessions and a Do Not Disturb mode to reduce distractions. According to Microsoft, when you start a new focus session, Windows automatically turns on Do Not Disturb. This silences notifications and turns off taskbar badges and app notifications in our taskbar. Focus also improves the Clock app with timers to help you focus and remember to take breaks.


Bring groups of apps and windows together with Snap layouts, and zoom in and out the entire group easily with Snap groups in Windows 11.


Windows 11 update adds new accessibility features

Narrator, the built-in screen reader in Windows 11, will receive more natural sounds, improving the text-to-speech functionality.

In addition, the new system-wide live captions will override the features of live captions for individual apps. Live captions will display system-wide above the screen and below the camera by default, but users can switch the caption’s location to the bottom of the screen or a separate floating window. Also, by capturing microphone audio, live annotations can now transcribe personal conversations.

Voice Access, still in preview, improves on already existing voice commands by allowing you to control your computer and compose text by voice. The first time you use Voice Access, you’ll be immersed in an interactive tutorial on completing common tasks with your voice. The tool also provides real-time feedback if you don’t recognize a word.

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This Windows 11 feature reduces distractions and helps…


Smart App Control and Security

Smart App Control should give you more confidence when downloading apps on Windows 11, according to Microsoft. The tool blocks untrusted or unsigned applications, script files, and potentially harmful macros from invading your device. The tool basically predicts the safety of the application in real time. The feature is based on the same artificial intelligence used in Windows Defender Application ControlAvailable for personal or commercial use.

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen can now identify when you enter your Microsoft credentials on a malicious app or hacked website, and send an alert.

The update also enables Hypervisor Protected Code Integration, or HVCI, and Microsoft’s Vulnerable Driver Blocklist by default on all new Windows 11 devices. Microsoft also improved identity protection and simplified password management in the update.

Better video calls and content tools for the creator

At launch, Windows 11 made Microsoft Teams is more accessible. The latest update introduces Windows Studio Effects, which can improve audio and video calls. The new Windows Studio camera uses Voice Focus to filter out background noise, a background blurring tool, and eye contact, to make it look like you’re always looking at the camera, plus automatic framing that keeps the camera with you as you move.

The new Windows 11 update also adds the Clipchamp video editing app.

Games and Android apps

The new Edge Games homepage features new streams, tournaments, rewards, recently played Xbox Game Pass games, and more.

The new Game Center in Microsoft’s updated Edge browser.


Windows 11 update makes it easier to access games with New control bar. This also provides an updated Xbox Game Bar view for faster access to your recently played games and launchers. According to Microsoft, the update will also boost gaming performance improvements that improve latency, unlock Auto HDR, and Variable Refresh.

Players can also view a file The new home page in Microsoft Edge Featuring personalized stories, easy access to Xbox Cloud game library I recently played games. There is also a built-in feature called Clarity Boost for sharper graphics in cloud games.

When Windows 11 launched, the new operating system’s partnership with Amazon brought Android apps to Windows PCs. This update expands the preview of the Amazon App Store and brings the total number of Android apps and games to 20,000.

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Windows 11 won’t let a low battery surprise you


Greener features

The latest Windows 11 update aims to make it easier to reduce your device’s carbon footprint. For example, when devices are plugged in, turned on, and connected to the Internet and if regional carbon density data is available, Windows will schedule updates at points in the day that may result in lower carbon emissions. Microsoft said it has also modified the default power setting for Sleep and Screen off to help reduce emissions when computers are idle.

For more Windows 11 info, check out How does the latest operating system differ from Windows 10 And the How to download Windows 11.

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